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Oval Flowmeters industrial society live in is experiencing continuous innovative changes like never before. In this environment, with over half a century of dominant involvement in the business of flow meter and related instrument manufacturing and system integration.

Oval Flowmeters General Information

OVAL fully utilizes its management and technical resources, as well as social trust cultivated throughout the years in the world of measurement. We are proud to be a company which satisfies customer needs with a full series of in-house developed and tested products, constantly pursuing the principle of the ideal measurement of flow. At the same time, society requires each responsible company to make ecological and social contributions on a global scale.

This implies that the role of flow measurement is coming of age, and measurement & control technologies will become more important. Realizing the needs of the time, OVAL, with its ISO9001 and ISO14001 certifications, and being acknowledged as a Japan Calibration Service System (JCSS) registered company, will continue making utmost efforts to help end-users create “value measurement”.

Oval makes use of the measurement technology cultivated as a manufacturer specializing in flow meters to provide custom- made system products that meet the needs of our customers.OVAL can provide one-stop service from preliminary investigation to design, production, installation, commissioning and maintenance, including piping and instrumentation work necessary for system construction.

We provide various batch systems, blending systems, filling systems, flow rate testers, etc. as the most suitable system to meet the customer’s requirements, utilizing our measurement technology cultivated as a flow meter specialist.

OVAL has a wide range of flow meter models that can be used for highly responsive and accurate flow measurement, such as injectors for automobiles. The Injector Flow Inspection System is an inspection system that combines the system technology and flow measurement technology that OVAL has cultivated over the years in the automotive industry. As shown in the figure, the reference unit can be a servo flow meter or an electronic balance. OVAL will tailor-make an inspection system to meet your requirements.

Measuring instruments such as flow meters are calibrated to the correct value using a standard instrument (working standard). The standard is also calibrated with a more accurate standard (specified secondary standard). In this way, the search for an accurate standard finally leads to the national standard (specified standard).

Oval Flowmeters Solves Every Problem

One-stop Support

From problem analysis to system proposal / introduction, a system that can provide one-stop service realizes overall optimization.

For labor saving and automation

Business improvement by We propose labor saving and automation by combining wireless network systems and custom-made system products. Improve “waste, unevenness and impossible”.

Oval System Products

Oval Flowmeters promise to improve quality with a system that combines a high-precision flow meter and peripheral devices that meet international standards.

Oval Flowmeters Product

Oval Flowmeters Products
Oval Flowmeters Products
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