PC Electric Gesellschaft

Those who want to win the global market for themselves in a sustainable way must not orient themselves to limits, but to possibilities.

General Information

PC Electric Gesellschaft is guided by this principle in the development, production and distribution of extremely high-quality industrial plugs and sockets.

“We connect quality with safety, technology with people, today with tomorrow and this for decades.”

At the forefront of the industry – the base for this success is as broad as it is robust. It is built on more than 900 superbly trained employees who have established an extraordinary high level of quality and innovation with all their commitment.

Our core business is the production

  • Industrial plugs and sockets
  • Distribution boxes
  • Mobile power distributors for construction sites
  • Testing equipment
  • Switches
  • Including product development and tool making

Customer efficiency, lean organizational structures and innovative spirit

Those who seek success need orientation. PCE has found it from the very beginning. Namely in the direct orientation of every company activity towards the customer. For many years, this fundamental determination has proven to be the perfect foundation for all pillars supporting our corporate philosophy.

PC Electric Gesellschaft Research & Quality

Therefore, PCE invests 5% of the turnover every year in research and development. Among other things, our focus is on increasing efficiency and reducing investment costs as well as operating costs.

PC Electric Gesellschaft Product
PC Electric Gesellschaft Product

The results are not only highly innovative products and numerous patent specifications, but also first-class quality. Quality that can be exemplified by a few facts:

  • Production according to internationally tested standards
  • Own test laboratory
  • Process-oriented, integrated quality management system
  • Testing of all products according to the CCA procedure
  • Development with the aid of state-of-the-art CAD and 3D designs
  • Product design, tooling, injection molding and assembly from a single source
  • ISO 9001:2015 certificate

PCE’s high technological and quality level is, of course, not only in its more than 22,000 products, but also in each customized solution that we manufacture on state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.

PC Electric Gesellschaft Manufacturing & Production

Anyone who promises first-class products for a wide range of applications in electrical installation needs the best prereguisites for this. Therefore, it is all the more crucial that PCE has state-of-the-art injection molding and metalworking equipment at its disposal. But perfect production goes far beyond first-class machinery. It depends, for example, on a looking-forward and innovative product policy or on flexible manufacturing processes that enable fast response to individual customer requirements – and on many other things as well:

  • High degree of automation in CEE production
  • Many years of experience and high competence
  • Short delivery times and absolute adherence to delivery dates
  • Customized product configurations
  • Low manufacturing costs, which we pass on to our customers

Production thus also proves to be a key factor in ensuring our sustained success in international competition.

Product Categories

  • Customized special designs
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio
  • Reliable service
  • First class quality
  • Global presence
  • Cost-effective and innovative solutions
  • Numerous patent applications

PC Electric Gesellschaft Products

  1. CEE Industrial Plugs and Sockets
  2. Safety Plugs and Sockets
  3. Distribution Boxes / Power Distribution
  4. Protecting-Testing Equipment
  5. Cable Reels / Extension  Cords
  6. E-Mobility

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