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Lovibond Instrument, photometers, electrochemical meters, our turbidity instruments or setups are being used in the field and in laboratories for visual and automatic measurements.

General Information

By using our powders, tablets or liquid reagents, electrodes, sensors or infrared light sources our products detect impurities in drinking water, help process waste water and monitor biocides and bacteria in ground and surface water. Whether on-line directly within the industrial process or off-line with sample solutions: Our instruments help to avoid corrosions and scale in industrial plants, guarantee safe fun in the swimming pool or ensure compliance to required values.

Turbidity Meter with USB
Turbidity Meter with USB

In petroleum, edible oils, foods, textiles, beverages and cosmetics Lovibond® Tintometer ensures quality with colour control. The implementation of internationally recognised colour scales, colorimeters and comparators also ensure the right colour is met in aviation and medical science as well as in coatings and mineral oils. We are setting standards for analytics – since 1885 with the Lovibond® colour scale.

The strengths of Lovibond® Tintometer Group are progressive, customer-oriented product development, sustained production, a highly flexible distribution and service network as well as first-class customer support. With laboratory instrumentation and chemistry we offer everything from a single source.

Lovibond instrument expertise has developed over 130 years as a family enterprise. Over 370 highly qualified employees deliver the wealth of experience, together with our products and customer service, into 160 countries. This enables us to continue to develop innovative solutions for many essential areas of life.

Lovibond Instrument Product

Visual Measurement

  • Model F: Visual Colorimetry : Lovibond® Precision
  • AF 710-3: Visual Grading for the Wesson Method
  • Comparator 3000/ Petroleum AF650, Visual Grading: Single Scale, 3-Field Visual Measurement
  • Comparator System 2000, Visual Grading: Single Scale, 2-Field Visual Measurement
  • Comparator Colour Discs: Glass fade-free standards

Automatic Transmission Measurement

  • PFXi-195 Series: Spectrophotometric Colorimeters with Remote Calibration
  • PFXi-880,- 950, -995 Series: Spectrophotometric Colorimeters with Extended Path Length & Optional Heater
  • Model Fx: Accurate Measurement of the Colour of Edible Oils at the Correct Temperature
  • EComparator: The Best of Both Worlds – Electronic and Visual Colour Measurement
  • RCMSI, Remote Calibration: Ensures Correct Operation and Compliance with International Standards

Automatic Reflectance Measurement

  • TG Series: Gloss meters for low, medium and high gloss levels paints, coatings, plastics and many more related materials.
  • TR Series: Spectrophotometer for surface colour measurement of solids, liquids and powders in a range of geometries and apertures.
  • LC 100 & SV 100 Spectrocolorimeter: Hand-Held Imaging Spectrocolorimeter
  • NC 45, Non-Contact: Non Contact Spectrophotometer
  • RT series: Versatile portable and benchtop spectrophotometers

TA 4 Online-Colorimeter

Cuvettes / cells

Colour Lab

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