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ROTECH Systemkomponenten Gmbh consists of  the two terms rotation  and technology and symbolizes the concentration on high-tech in  rotation.

TCR Modules

The Universal module with many advantages. The housing shape with height offset protects the  connection of the limit switches against mechanical damage. All common limit switch type and designs can be used in this housing. The connections  inside are extremely easily accessible and easy to assemble and maintain. LED status displays, optional viewing dome and the connection  of up to two solenoid valve are additional advantages of this flexible module. Despite the compact design, up to four microswitch or slot initiators can be used. Customer-spesific  variants are easy to implement due to the flexibility of the design.

ET Modules

Rectangular, practical, good, housing in standard design, symmetrically constructed with plenty of space for easy-to-assemble installation of a wide variety of limit switch types. Easy to assemble, even when mounted on actuators and fittings . all interfaces are covered with  the wide range of consoles. The technology is not neglected either : spring-mounted  connecting shaft to compensate for height tolerances in the structure. Reversible display on the shaft and position settings secured against unintentional adjustment. As an option, solenoid valve can be wired directly in the housing

COM Modules

The innovative design of the very robust alumninum COM box is convincing. With the convenient hinge solutions of the lid, new dimensions are achieved in terms of service and usability Optimized seals guarantee permanent tightness. A newly designed breathing membrane prevents condensation from forming inside the box, the  external display on the lid offers many other variants in addition to pure glass. The COM-Box:rbust.innovative, technically leading  durable

ALB module

The ALB-Box  is the consistent futher  development  of the COM-Box with all its advantages. The  explosion-proof Ex e box is ideally adapted to the requirements in plant constraction and offers numerous trchnical advantages. The interior design allows two circuits to be set up separatey, a cost-effective solution that was previously ony possible with two housings. A wide range of usable  sensors and connections of solenoid valves guarantees perfect adaptation to the most  varied of applications in many industrial segments

PROXI BOX modules

The advantages of the Proxi-Box catch the eye: compact dimensions, robust round shape optionally a position indicator that can be seen from afar and can be equipped in customer-  specific colors. In addition to these external values, the internal values are also not to be despised: a wide range of double initiators and microswitches in the PB module offers a cost-effective and flexible solution for many areas of application.

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D- module  Aluminum

Expected to be available from December 2020 NEW pressure-encapsulated limit switch box, II 2G Ex d IIC T6 / II 2D Ex tb IIIC T80/95/105  Deg C Db //for ambient temperatures down to-60 deg C in a robust alumunium housing.

D-module Stainless Steel

The pressure-encapsulated D-Box made of V4A stainless steel is the ideal solution for the most difficult environmental conditions. The housing can be equipped with all common  microswitches and sensors (NAMUR  OR 3-WIRE). The box is also  available as a non-Ex version on request .


In safety-related systems, the requirement  for redundancy is a frequently requested standard. This repeatedly leads to spatial collisions with pneumatic actuators, since attachment via the standartdized infraface according to EN15714(VDI/VDC 3845) only allows one attachment . Doppler was developed for this need.

The Doppler, witch in principle doubles the interface, was developed for this requirement. On this  second, synchronous and parallel interface, all end position signals can be queried with sensors or feedback messages with a swivel angle of up to 180  deg C .

The blcklash-free involute gear guarantedes a fast and smooth transmission type, since the swivel movement is implemented directly. This is particularly important for positioners (controls units) :

  • DOP180AL
  • DOP180E

ROTECH Systemkomponenten Consoles for modules

Rotech offers a wide varienty of solutions for installing signaling devices on drive units. The range is specially designed for pneumatic rotary actuators with connection hole patterns in accordance with VDI/ VDE 3845. It includes consoles for fastening standard limit swich boxes, those with hand lever locking, and versions for  the direct mounting of limit switch units on a manually operated valve. The different  sizes  allow easy  and simple  assembly  on the different sizes of the drives.

Selection guide :

  • Hole pattern 80x30mm / wave height 20mm-> bracket size 1(e.g. Air Torque SC / DR00030 to SC / DR00150)
  • Hole pattern 80x30mm / wave height 30mm-> bracket size 2 (e.g Air Torque SC/ DR00220 to SC/  DR00600)
  • Hole pattern 130x30mm / wave height 30mm-> bracket size 3
  • Hole pattern 130x30mm / wave height 50mm-> bracket size 2 (Air Torque SC / DR00900 to SC / DR01200)
  • Hole pattern 200x50mm / wave height 80mm-> bracket size 5 (e.g Air Torque SC/ DR10000)
  • TCR or PB modules-> console type “T” or “TK” / “TL”
  • ET, COM, ALB modules-> console type “ET” or “ETU”
  • ETU consoles

This stainless steel universal console for mounting limit switch modules is  adjustable in height and width and thus covers the most important mounting interfaces on pneumatic drives. It thus enables reduced storage and flexible use of modules on different drive sizes .

The feet of the consoles are fastened with form-fitting pins and a fixing screw in such  a way that there is no play or deformation even with a heavy load of up to 100kg. An additional foot module is available as an option, which also covers the wave height of 50mm

  • ETU1-3
  • ETU4(feet for size 4)

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Flange consoles According to  EN15081

The console, also known as a lantern or bridge, is the link between the actuator and the valve. In conjunction with the corresponding coupling, it ensures an aligned and  therefore  loss-free power transmission,  the ROTECH consoles offer  standardized connection diagrams according to EN15081 and thus enable a simple and fast connection of units from various  manufacturers .

  • The matching axis position of both flanges ensures an aligned power transmission.
  • The selected quality profile manufacturers quarantee fat surfaces: the consoles are also mechanically processed for special  applications.
  • Economical production  large series.


The coupling, also known as a driver or adapter, realizes the positive transmission of the torque fro the actuator to the valve

  • Inexpensive production through large series
  • High quality material: 1.4305 0r 1.4104
  • Valve –side connection  according  to  customer specifications as double-flat, square or bore with parallel keyway

ROTECH Systemkomponenten Feedback Unit Open

Signal devices with  an open  structure

  • Signal devices are  used for  feedback  and control of the position of fittings. For this purpose, switches and initiators of different  designs and electrical characteristics and connections are mounted openly on rotary  actuators.
  • The ET kit with proximity switches for the detection and forwarding of end positions or intermediate positions is ideally suited for  the use of compact inductive double switches from  different manufacture .
  • Independent setting of each switching point from 0 deg – 360 deg
  • Te modular principle  of the universal carrier plates enables the sensors to be adapted to all wave heights in accordance  with the standard
  • Can be installed universally on all standard hole patterns

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ROTECH Systemkomponenten Adapter Sleeves

Adapter or reducing sleeves are used for the reductive adaption of the inside wrench size of the square of an actuator to the outside wrench size of a coupling piece or a valve shaft on the drive side

  • The adapter  sleeves are available with an outer square and outer actagon (star), each with a simple inner square.
  • The following sizes are currently acvaliable (as of 09.10.20), outside square:
  • Stailess steel  (square outside – square inside-length )
  • Sintered steel – steam –treated (square outside – square inside-length )

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