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General Information

KHK Gears (Kohara Gear Industry) is a leading manufacturer of stock gears handling production and distribution of a large variety of stock gears.

While many gear manufacturers make gears only after receiving orders, our strength is having stock for quick delivery. By offering secondary operations on stock gears you have the convenience of being able to buy even one piece to meet your technical requirements. Our goal is to become the stock gear manufacturer beloved by customers all over the world.

An extensive range of over 20000 types

By putting together a range of various materials, shapes and pitches, we are able to provide gears that perfectly fit your applications. We carry nearly every type of gear imaginable. Even if our stock gears do not meet the requirements of a customer, we can accommodate any request with our custom gears.

The high-reliability of Japan-made products

Our gears are all manufactured under Japan’s strict quality control standards. At KHK, we excel at consistently manufacturing uniform and high quality products, which are backed by our extensive track record.

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KHK Gears Product

Spur Gears

  • SSDP DP Steel Spur Gears
  • MSGA / MSGB Ground Spur Gears
  • KSG Ground Spur Gears

Worm Gears

  • SW Steel Worms
  • SWG Ground Worms
  • SUW Stainless Steel Worms

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Bevel Gears

  • MHP High-Ratio Hypoid Gears
  • MBSG Bevel Gears Ground Spiral Bevel Gears
  • SBSG Bevel Gears Ground Spiral Bevel Gears
  • MBSA / MBSB Finished Bore Spiral Bevel Gears
  • SBS Bevel Gears  Spiral Bevel Gears
  • SB / SBY Bevel Gears Steel Bevel Gears
  • SB Bevel Gears Steel Bevel Gears & Pinion Shafts
  • SUB Bevel Gears Stainless Steel Bevel Gears
  • PB Bevel Gears Plastic Bevel Gears
  • DB plastic bevel gears Injection Molded Bevel Gears
  • BB metal bush Sintered Metal Bushings
  • KSP bevel gears Nissei KSP Ground Spiral Bevel Gears

Gear Rack

  • SRHEF Helical Racks
  • SHE Helical Gears
  • ZST / ZSTD Hardened Ground Helical Racks
  • ZSTP Ground Helical Gears
  • ZST-GL Assembly Gauges
  • MRGF / MRGFD Hardened Ground Racks
  • KRGF-H / KRGFD-H Hardened Ground Racks
  • KRG / KRGF / KRGFD  Thermal refined Ground Racks
  • SRG / SRGF / SRGFD / SRGFK Hardened Ground Racks
  • KRF-H / KRFD-H Hardened Racks
  • SRF-H / SRFD-H Hardened Racks
  • SRF-HL / SRFD-HL Laser Hardened Racks
  • KRF / KRFD Thermal Refined Racks
  • SRAF / SRAFD / SRAFK Steel Racks with Machined Ends

SR Steel Racks

  • SRF Steel Racks with Machined Ends
  • SRFD / SRFK Steel Racks with Bolts Holes
  • SUR / SURF / SURFD Stainless Steel Racks
  • DRF / DRFD / DRFK Plastic Racks
  • PR /PRF Plastic Racks
  • BSR Brass Racks
  • SRO / SROS Steel Round Racks
  • SURO Stainless Steel Round Racks
  • DR Molded Flexible Racks
  • SSDR Pinions for DR
  • ARL Rack Guide Rails
  • SRS Rack Clamps
  • KRHG / KRHGF / KRHGFD Ground Helical Racks
  • SRH / SRHF / SRHFD Steel Helical Racks

Helical Gears

  • KHG Ground Helical Gears
  • SH Steel Helical Gears

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Miter Gears

  • MMSGQ Ground Spiral Miter Gears
  • MMSG Ground Spiral Miter Gears
  • SMSG Ground Spiral Miter Gears
  • MMSA / MMSB Finished Bore Spiral Miter Gears
  • MMS Spiral Miter Gears
  • SMS Spiral Miter Gears
  • SMA / SMB / SMC Finished Bore Miter Gears
  • MM Curburized/Hardened Miter Gears
  • LM Sintered Metal Miter Gears
  • SM Steel Miter Gears
  • SAM Angular Miter Gears
  • SUM Stainless Steel Miter Gears
  • SUMA Finished Bore Stainless Steel Miter Gears
  • PM Plastic Miter Gears
  • DM Injection Molded Miter Gears
  • BB Sintered Metal Bushings
  • Nissei KSP Ground Spiral Miter Gears

Plastic Gears

  • DSF Acetal F-Loc Gears
  • NSU Plastic Spur Gears with Steel Core
  • PU Plastic Spur Gears Stainless Steel Core
  • PS / PSA Plastic Spur Gears
  • DS Injection Molded Spur Gears
  • DRF / DRFD / DRFK Plastic Racks
  • PR /PRF Plastic Racks
  • DR Molded Flexible Racks
  • PM Plastic Miter Gears
  • DM Injection Molded Miter Gears
  • PB Plastic Bevel Gears
  • DB Injection Molded Bevel Gears
  • PN Plastic Screw Gears
  • DG Plastic Worm Wheels
  • PG Plastic Worm Wheels

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Screw Gears

  • SN Steel Screw Gears
  • SUN Stainless Steel Screw Gears
  • AN Aluminum Bronze Screw Gears
  • PN Plastic Screw Gears

Internal Gears

  • SI Steel Internal Gears
  • SIR Steel Ring Gears

Bevel Gearbox

  • PBX Miniature Bevel Gearboxes
  • KBX Bevel Gearboxes
  • CBX Bevel Gearboxes

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KHK Gear Other Products Related with Gears

At KHK, in addition to gears, we also offer products such as ratchets, gear couplings, involute spline shafts

  • SRT-C Pawls
  • GC GC I  Gear Couplings Inner Hub
  • GC-I Gear Couplings Outer ring
  • SV SVI  Involute Spline Shafts
  • SVI Involute Spline Bushings
  • GCU-in Educational Gear Kits
  • DLS Rack & Pinion Lubrication System
  • Rack & Pinion Lubrication System

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