Selco Control and Process


Selco Control and Process develops, manufactures and sells electronic equipment power generation and control, engine control and protection, process alarm monitoring as well as all kinds of engine diagnostics. Our electronic equipment is designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions and is suitable for use in both land and offshore applications.

SELCO has its origin in the Danish switchgear manufacturer Lauritz Knudsen A/S who in 1960 was the first in the world to protect a generator with robust, solid state electronics! In 1968 Lauritz Knudsen A/S merged with another major switchgear manufacturer, NES. Through the next decade the company was named LK-NES. The early product range of generator control and alarm systems was marketed under the name NESELCO.

In 1984 SELCO A/S was established. To obtain the right environment for further growth, SELCO moved in 2005 to new and larger premises in Roskilde, Denmark.This became head office for Administration, Research & Development, Production and Sales & Marketing. Already then SELCO had subsidiaries and many local partners, reaching customer relations in more than 80 countries all over the world. SELCO was acquired by Littelfuse Inc. in 2011. Five years later, in March 2016, SELCO went through a management buy-out, and is now again privately owned, with headoffice in Roskilde, Denmark.

Selco Analog Alarm Monitor M3000
Selco Analog Alarm Monitor M3000

Selco Control and Process product list

Alarm Monitoring and Indicator Panels

SELCO provides efficient and reliable solutions for alarm monitoring of electrical installations where it is vital for the process control.

The SELCO product range includes advanced alarm monitors as well as simple indicator panels. All are very flexible units for use in numerous process applications, for instance suited for monitoring of critical processes in marine and off-shore, as well as in on-site power and process industries.

The SELCO alarm and indicator panels are widely used for both local and remote indication of alarms and contact signals.

All units provide a modular approach for building large scale alarm systems as well as a simple single solution – Applications for SELCO alarm panels are numerous.

  • Analogue Alarm Monitor M3000
  • Alarm Monitor Plus M1000
  • Alarm Monitor M1000
  • Alarm Monitor M4200
  • Alarm Logger
  • Alarm Indicator with MODBUS M4780
  • Alarm Indicator M4700
  • Alarm Indicator M4600
  • Alarm Indicator M4500
  • 6-Way Transmitter M1500 PT100

Engine Controllers

SELCO offers a versatile range of control and monitoring units for diesel and gas engines. The range includes start/stop control units with built-in monitoring of critical engine parameters, as well as separate emergency shut-down units.

All units are designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions, furnishing sturdy steel casing, front panels with IP 54 protection and solid connection terminals.

The basic functionality enables control of any type of diesel engine regardless of the application that the engine is used in. Furthermore additional features are included specifically focusing on extended functionality requirements found in marine and offshore applications.

  • Engine Controller M2500
  • Engine Controller M2000
  • Emergency Controller M2100
  • Shut-down unit M2600
  • Shut-down M0600 unit
  • Tacho Detector M0500

Generator Controllers

Integrated Generator Protection, Control, and Monitoring solutions. Selco Control and Process offers equipment for generator sets such as marine gen-sets, emergency gen-sets, gen-sets in container enclosures or power plants. Offering features as Synchronizing, frequency control, load sharing, power management, engine control and more.

The SELCO FlexGen product line is a range of integrated generator controllers. FlexGen is the latest generation of the C6200 GenController and is built on the same state of the art technology platform.

SIGMA provides a modular approach to advanced generator protection and control systems. Developed and approved for marine use and installed in a wide range of vessels globally.

  • Generator Controller GC2000
  • SIGMA Power Management S6610
  • SIGMA User Interface S6500
  • SIGMA Control Module S6100
  • SIGMA Protection Module S6000
  • FlexGen User Interface C6500
  • FlexGen Generator Controller C6200

Selco Protection and Control Relays

SELCO offers a complete range of system components for generator control, protection and power monitoring. The T-line range includes a wide selection of protection relays and units for monitoring of the bus-bar and generator voltage, frequency and insulation, all being marine certified.

The G-Line generator protection relays are mainly intended for use in land-based applications. The G-Line range of relays provides an efficient solution in applications where cost of materials is the main issue.

The units are for DIN rail mounting or screw mounting in switchboards. Since the units are working on identical principles and have similar design and adjustment schemes, they are easily installed or replaced. All units are available in a number of versions varying in supply voltage and other functions, hence meeting specific customer requirements to a large extend.

  • Reverse Power Relay T2000
  • Excitation Loss Relay T2100
  • Overcurrent Relay T2200
  • Short Circuit Relay T2300
  • Dual Overcurrent Relay T2400
  • Overcurrent & Short Circuit Relay T2500
  • Dual Current Relay T2600
  • Overload Relay T2700
  • Overcurrent or Earth Fault Relay T2800
  • Differential Current Relay T2900
  • Frequency Relay T3000
  • Voltage Relay T3100
  • Insulation Monitoring Relay T3200
  • Voltage Relay (3-Phase) T3300
  • Frequency Deviation Relay T3500
  • Auto Synchronizer T4000
  • Load Sharer T4400 for Electronic Speed Controller
  • Auto Synchronizer T4500 for Conventional Governors
  • Load Sharer T4800 for Conventional Governors
  • VAr Load Sharer T4900
  • Motorized Potentiometer E7800
  • Synchroscope M8100
  • Paralleling Relay T5000
  • Electronic Potentiometer T7900
  • Blackout Limiter T8400
  • Power Relay G2000
  • Current Relay G2200
  • Frequency Relay G3000
  • Voltage Relay G3100
  • Voltage Relay G3300
  • Voltage Relay G3600


  • Arc Flash Detection
  • Service & Spare parts