Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components

About Stauff Hydraulic

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components from own Design and Production, Ready-to-Install Pipe, Tube and Hose Assemblies, and Value-Added Services, The companies of the STAUFF Group develop, produce and distribute line components and hydraulic accessories in ten product groups as well as customized special and system solutions.

Introducing your reliable partner for a comprehensive range of pipework components and hydraulic accessories. For more than 50 years, the companies of STAUFF Group have been developing, manufacturing, and distributing pipework equipment and hydraulic components for mechanical and plant engineering and for service and industrial maintenance.

The overall range currently includes about 50,000 standard products in ten categories as well as numerous special and system solutions according to customer’s specifications or based on our in-house development.

With the STAUFF Digital Platform available at, commercial customers and users of STAUFF products can not only inform themselves in all detail about the 50,000 components typically available from stock but also directly purchase these online without complex registration.

The companies of the STAUFF Group and their authorized system partners offer original equipment manufacturers in the fields of mobile and industrial hydraulics the following services with regard to application consulting and training:

  • Independent application consulting and engineering
  • Active support with the selection of suitable components in consideration of technical and economic criteria
  • Analysis and optimization of existing and design and development of new systems, units and modules
  • On-site assembly training courses and seminars

The Products


Control and shut-off equipment from STAUFF: Manually operated fittings for shutting off, controlling and restricting fluid media flows in mobile hydraulics and industrial hydraulics. This includes two-way, three-way, and four-way ball valves with threaded or flanged connections or for plate construction, and flow control valves and gauge isolator valves in many different versions and sizes, made of steel or stainless steel, for medium-pressure range or high-pressure range up to 800 bar.

Two-Way Ball Valves

With the STAUFF Valves product range, the companies of STAUFF Group provide access to a comprehensive range of manually operated valves for shutting off, regulating, throttling, and fluid media in mobile and industrial hydraulics.

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components

High and ultra-high pressure range up to 800 bar with threaded connections to DIN ISO 228, ANSI B1.20.1, SAE J 514, ISO 8434-3 and DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1 as well as flange connections to ISO 6162-1 and 6162-2, ISO 6164 and CETOP RP 63 H.

Multi-Way Ball Valves

Three-way and four-way ball valves, designed for use as three-way selectors (L-bore, T-bore or X-bore, 90° operation) for hydraulic applications.

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components

Multi-way valve with the trunnion-style ball for the high-pressure range up to 500 bar (depending on size and material combination of the ball valve) with threaded connections to DIN ISO 228, ANSI B1.20.1, SAE J 514, ISO 8434-3, and DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1, as well as flange connections to ISO 6162-1 and 6162-2.

Manifold Mounted Ball Valves

Two-way and three-way high-pressure ball valves for plate mounting up to 500 bar. Block body design for manifold mounting with either 4 or 6 mounting holes for added safety; improved manifold design eliminates external piping and connectors.

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components
Manifold Mounted

Stauff Diagtronics

Hydraulic testers, test equipment, display devices, and analytics devices from the STAUFF Diagtronics product group allow system operators, maintenance, and service personnel to measure, determine and monitor the most important parameters in mobile and industrial hydraulics: Pressure, operating pressure, peak pressure, differential pressure, medium temperature, flow rate, speed, contamination, oil condition and much more.

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components
Stauff Diagtronics

Pressure Gauge

Analog (mechanical) and digital (electrical) pressure gauges for determining pressure in hydraulics and other areas of application. Multiple pressure ranges up to 1000 bar. A variety of different versions and diameters are available. Suitable for oil, lubricants, gaseous media, and water. Longstanding experience, extensive range, high level of availability, fast delivery.

Flow Indicators

Analogue STAUFF hydraulic testers with brass and aluminium housing for mechanical and therefore network-independent flow rate measuring of hydraulic media flow in mobile and industrial hydraulics. For load testing of the hydraulic system, the SDMKR is equipped with a load valve for targeted control of the working pressure. This product also accepts reverse flow (without flow metering). The SMD on the other hand can and must not be subjected to reverse flow. Designed for installation in straight tubes.

Hand-Held Hydraulic Testers and Accessories

The STAUFF measuring and test devices from the PPC series are ideal for measuring all relevant parameters in fluid technology systems such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature, flow rate, and output.

Stauff Hydraulic and Fluid Power Components

Depending on the type, they allow evaluation, storing, and further processing on PCs or notebooks. They have been developed specifically for the growing demands of system monitoring, fault tracing, and parameter measuring in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Convenient tool for maintenance and service.


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