Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000

Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. The ProfiSignal software enables users to immediately begin their measurement and analysis tasks.

Stand Alone and Secure Data Acquisition

The LogMessage 5000 is equipped with 16 universal analog inputs. The inputs are designed to cope with high voltages between individual channels. The LogMessage 5000, therefore, has no problem measuring non-isolated signals.

LogMessage 5000 is an independently operating data logger for acquiring, monitoring, computing, and storing measurement data. An internal data memory enables uninterrupted storage of up to 60 million measurement values.

Delphin customers are especially impressed by the system’s intuitive method of configuration and the many options provided by the device.

Every LogMessage 5000 is optional available with the ProfiSignal Go software. Its intuitive operation enables users to easily and quickly acquire and evaluate measurement data with no need for extensive learning and familiarization. Users will be impressed by the system’s range of functions.

Delphin delivers systems to match user requirements: e.g. long-term monitoring, machine monitoring, or remote monitoring.

Product Features

  • 16 analog inputs
  • Universal inputs for thermocouples, RTDs, mV or mA signals
  • High-precision differential inputs with up to 24-bit resolution
  • Galvanic isolation, isolation voltages of up to 650 V
  • Storage capacity of up to 60 million measurement values (standard)
  • Measurement data portrayable as trends and exportable in ASCII format
  • LAN interface for configuration and data transfer

Applications with LogMessage

  • Secure data acquisition with stand alone capability
  • PC-independent measurement and testing
  • Acquisition via universal sensor signals
  • Product testing, laboratory, R&D
  • Mobile data acquisition
  • GPS data logging and remote monitoring
  • Temperature data acquisition

Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Functions

The LogMessage’s analog inputs are differentially and galvanically isolated from each other as well as from the power supply. Earth loops and non-isolated sensors therefore present no problems. Additional converters are not required. This saves on costs and greatly increases reliability.

The analog inputs are universal and can be used for voltage and current signals as well as for thermocouples. Some versions are capable of RTD connection and are ideal for temperature measurements. Special versions are also available, e.g. for high-level isolation voltages or sampling rates.

LogMessage devices are equipped with a range of internal calculation, monitoring and logic functions that are set up as “software channels”. These channels process online measurement data and make it available for visualization, storage or control purposes.

Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Functions
Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Functions

Independent and Secure

Once configured, LogMessage is capable of independent operation and requires no PC support. Configuration and measurement data read-out takes place via Ethernet or USB interfaces. LogMessage devices are also capable of transferring online data to a PC. Users can therefore use their LogMessage device as a monitoring device at no extra cost.

LogMessage’s serial ports can be used to connect a modem for remote access or to connect other hardware for data transfer purposes. Alarm notifications and text messages can be transmitted using a GSM modem.

Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Software Channels

LogMessage devices are equipped with a range of internal calculation, monitoring and logic functions that are set up as “software channels”. These channels process online measurement data and make it available for visualization, storage or control purposes.

Process and control functions enable the simple and intuitive configuration of complete programmable procedures. These then run independently without the need for any PC support. Users can efficiently deploy their data loggers as monitoring and PLC equipment.

Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Software Channels
Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Software Channels

Limit Values

Limit values for alarm output and event management. User friendly functions for determining normal operating conditions. Integrated wire-break monitoring.

Calculation Channels

Computational linked channels. Differential measurements, quotients, efficiency rates, output performance etc., and the recording and evaluation of a calculation channel takes place in the same way as for a hardware channel. Averaging channels and statistical functions

PID Controller

Simultaneous multiple controllers. Automatic and real-time settings as default parameters.


Integration and differentiation of measurement data (e.g. flow rates to volumes). Includes functions for operating time counters, edge counters and totallers.


Targeted generation of edges and impulses in digital outputs. Simple tool for controlling external set-ups.

Alarm functions

Independent transmission of fault notification messages as email or text message. Requirements: Network operation or GSM modem.

COM and Modbus Channels

Serial interfaces for connecting weighing machines or large displays via RS232/422/485, protocol generator for ASCII protocols, Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP (client/server).

Set Points

Generation of set point graphs for internal/external use. Operating external equipment (e.g. controller). Monitoring processes on a PC.

Linearisation channels

Pre-programmed sensor linearisation and user-defined sensor characteristic curves (up to 7,500 value pairs).

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Delphin Technology LogMessage 5000 Technical Specifications

Analog inputs
Quantity 16
Sensors Thermocouples, RTD, mV, mA
Total sampling rate 60 Hz
Voltage and current measurement range 156 mV .. 10 V, ± 156 mV .. ± 10 V / 0 .. 20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA, ± 20 mA
Galvanic isolation to system 750 VDC
Galvanic isolation channel to channel 650 V
Resolution/Type ADC 24 bit Sigma-Delta
Measurement accuracy V / mA: 0.01 % from upper range value (URV)

Pt100(0): 0.1 K

Thermocouples: 0.1 % URV after compensation

Data storage
Internal 0.5 .. 15.5 GB (approx. 30 million mesurement values per GB)
Physical equipment
COM 1 / COM 2
RS485, 9-pole sub-D socket, IEC 61158-2
Physical equipment
COM 3 / COM 4
RS232, 9-pole sub-D socket (COM 3), 9-pole sub-D plug (COM 4)
Protocols COM 1 .. COM 4 Modbus RTU master / slave, customer-specific protocols, ASCII, SCPI
TCP/IP RJ45 (8-pole STP-socket), 100Base-TX; Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, NTP, Modbus TCP and OPC UA client / server
USB USB 1.1 for data memory read out
CAN 9-pole sub-D socket, Protocols: CAN RAW; baud rates: 50 k .. 1 MBaud
General technical information
Dimension / weight W 200 x H 73 x D122 mm  / 1 kg
Fixing Rail mounting DIN EN 60715 or screw fixing
Signal connections Detachable screw terminals, 33 terminals in 2 rows, lead protection, connecting cabling max. 2.5 mm²
Temperature range -20 .. 50 °C
Humidity max. 90 % relative humidity, non-condensing
Power supply 12 .. 36 VDC / 12 .. 28 VAC eff. / ± 10 %
Power input < 10 Watt

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