OBL Blackline M Series Mechanical Diaphragm Metering Pumps


OBL Blackline M Series Metering Pumps is a Robust and reliable spring return mechanical diaphragm pump. The double-layer PTFE membrane grants high chemical compatibility, the pump body is made of aluminum and coated through a cataphoresis process to increases resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

These features, combined with a great dosing accuracy and very low maintenance, make this pump the ideal solution for applications in the water treatment industry, power generation, pulp and paper, and many more.

OBL Blackline M Series Specifications

  • Flow rate from 7 to 1.500 l/h (1,5 to 396 gph) in simplex configuration, also available in multiplex configuration
  • Working pressure up to 12 barg or 175 psi
  • Cataphoresis coated aluminum enclosure for greater corrosion resistance
  • AISI 316, PP, PVDF liquid end
  • Manual stroke length adjustment, electronic actuator available
  • Available with PRO electronic actuator
  • NEW: EC 1935/2004 “Food Contact Regulation” configuration available

OBL Blackline M Series Feature & Benefit

Valve & Seat material options: Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Incoloy-825, Hastelloy C-276. Increased performance when handling high density and viscous as well as highly abrasive and aggressive fluids while minimizing cost impact. Extends pump life and lowers life-cycle cost.

PP Diaphragm Back-support Ring:

  • Protection against discharge overpressure.
  • Reduces downtime and cleanup, minimizes chemical exposure.

Multiple layer PTFE diaphragm:

Flowrate is virtually unaffected by the working pressure variations (1% less for every additional bar above 1,5 bar).

  • Protection against corrosive fume entering diaphragm chamber.
  • Reduced friction against back-support ring.
  • Leak-free pump, due to OBL’s stress-proof diaphragm. Extends pump life and lowers life-cycle cost.

Diaphragm Structure

The mechanical diaphragm works giving the swept volume, acting basically as plunger, and as a separator between casing and pumped fluid. The OBL’s unique mechanical diaphragm design allows controlled volumetric displacement and ensures linear proportionality between flow rate and percentage of stroke.

Flowrate Linearity

The OBL mechanical diaphragm pump functioning reflect the same linearity of flowrate as a plunger pump. This peculiarity is highlighted in the flow chart on the side. By the trend of the flow lines is clear the linear proportionality between flowrate and adjustment.

Download Data Sheet : OBL Blackline M Series

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