Fatek Automation PLC System

Fatek Automation PLC System was established in 1992 in Taiwan by a group of engineers engaged in PLC design and development for many years. Since its establishment, FATEK has strived for R&D in order to provide high-quality, high-function and user-friendly automatic control products. The product line focuses on PLC, HMI, IoT solutions, SCADA application software, OPC Server and power supply, etc.

With our endeavors for decades, we are now well-recognized in the industry for high quality and reliability with the brand name of “FATEK.” While maintaining stability and dependability, FATEK also continuously engages in R&D and innovation to expand a broader application field, striving to becoming a professional, reliable and holistic solution provider.

Fatek Automation PLC System Product List

Fatek PLC System
Fatek PLC System


FBs Series: The FBs-PLC has more than 300 instructions which adopts a user friendly and readable multi-function structure.
B1 / B1z / HB1 Series: The streamline design of SoC technology significantly reduces the hardware costs.

– P5 Series HMI

With its aesthetically pleasing matte black finish, the P5 series represents the high quality and reliability expected in the industrial automation market.


With the PC’s powerful computing power and flexible open system environment, it can be easily integrated with other automation equipment and meet your automation needs.

– IoT

– Software OPC Server

FATEK provides complete software functions and an intuitive development interface, which greatly improves the efficiency of project development and meets various automation requirements.

– Servo SD3 Series

SD3 is invaluable for many industrial equipment and machinery needs.Best choice for semiconductors and many industrial applications.

– Power Supply

A complete circuit protection design to resist overload, overvoltage and short circuit etc. It is avoided to damage & failure caused from improper operations.

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