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Bell Flow Systems was established in 1997 with the emphasis being firmly placed on the provision of flow measurement solutions to industry.

General Information

Since that time, Bell Flow Systems and its sister company Cortex Displays Ltd have adapted and grown to meet new demands and challenges in an ever changing market place. We now build systems, manufacture display instrumentation and supply a range of products to the renewables market and the environmental market. Bell Flow Systems products and solutions can now be found across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our people are dedicated to ensuring that every customer is well served. Our experienced and skilled sales engineers are recognized for their product knowledge, responsiveness and commitment.

Service Excellence

Service Excellence is a major thrust of our business activity. It’s how we continue, meet and exceed our commitments.

Targetted Solutions
We deliver compelling value propositions, through our expertise, experience and global sourcing arrangements, which acknowledge the specific needs of our customers and their businesses.


Our aim is to work in partnership with our customers, building a shared framework of innovative ideas supported by proven technology, in order to achieve practical and efficient solutions.

Customer Benefits

By focusing on value, technology and understanding, Bell Flow Systems is able to offer a rich resource to our customers, bringing you real measurable benefits and quantifiable gains, in terms of price and specification.

Bell Flow Systems Product Line

Flow Meter

The largest range of flow meters and accessories in the UK for water, chemicals, fuel, oil, gas, energy, heat and steam. Browse by flow meter technology type.

Bell Flow Systems Product Flow Meter
Bell Flow Systems Product Flow Meter

Electricity meters, positive displacement, oval gear meters, sight flow, heat meters, ultrasonic flow meters, Coriolis and vortex meters. We have a huge variety of meters to measure in any application.

Coriolis Flow Meters

Renowned for their outstanding accuracy and versatility in measuring challenging flow applications, coriolis flow meters have been employed in a wide variety of industries. They can measure multiple process variables from one sensor, including; mass flow, volume flow, temperature, density and pressure, giving an unrivalled measurement results.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meters provide obstruction free flow measurement and so are suitable for all conductive liquids including: chemicals, food stuffs, pulps, acids, pharmaceuticals, slurries and effluent. Their high accuracy is unaffected by changes in fluid viscosity, line pressure, temperature or density.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters

Positive displacement flow measurement technology accurately measures the volume of liquid passing through the flow meter by directing the fluid to mechanically displace components in the meter in order to measure its flow as discreet parcel volumes. Prior calibration and sound engineering tolerances ensure superior accuracy and repeatability from many styles and variations of PD meter.

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine meters measure flow using the mechanical energy of the fluid or gas to rotate a turbine rotor within the flow stream inside the meter. The rotations are measured and calculated to provide a proportional measurement relative to flow rate.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Clamp on ultrasonic flow meters have become more popular throughout the water, food, chemical, process and building services industries due to their ability to measure in-situ flow rates from outside the pipework with optimum accuracy.

Variable Area Flow Meters

There are two main types of variable area flow meters or Rotameters, standard VA meters for vertical installation and the more advanced spring-loaded range of sharp edged orifice models for installation in any orientation.

Vortex Flow Meters

The measuring principle of these particular flow meters is based on the Karman vortex street, where DP technology is used to measure tiny vortices that form when media in the pipe moves across a strut, or “bluff bar”, the number of vortices formed is directly proportional to flow rate.

Open Channel Flow Meters

Open channel flow measurement solutions. There are a range of effective technologies for the measurement of water and waste water flows within open channels including flumes, weirs, drains or partially filled pipes.

Heat or BTU Flow Meter

A heat meter is a device which measures thermal energy provided by a heat source or delivered to a heat sink, by measuring the flow rate of the heat transfer fluid and the change in its temperature (ΔT) between the outflow and return legs of the system.

Thermall Mass Flow Meter

Thermal mass flow meters make use of the thermal properties of gases to determine mass flow and are typically used to measure the mass flow of clean gases, such as air, nitrogen and hydrogen. However a range of gases and gas mixtures can be calibrated for and some instruments can be adjusted in the field

Insertion Flow Meters

These flow meters are often used on large bore pipes for cost saving reasons or due to speed and ease of installation. Another popular use of such flow meters is “Hot Tapping” where an insertion flowmeter is fitted into the pipe during operating conditions while the pipework is still full, using a specially drilling rig and valve assembly.

Display and Data Logging

Bell Flow Systems offer a large selection of digital displays, data loggers and instrumentation. Specifically designed for flow, level, temperature, pressure and batch control. With easy to program models and a comprehensive list of options to choose from. We have a model to meet your every control and instrumentation need.

Display and Data Logging Product
Display and Data Logging Product

Bell Flow Systems digital displays come in various power options including battery powered, loop powered, 12/24V DC and 110/230V AC. We can also provide digital displays with ATEX, IECEx, CSA and FM approvals.

Bell Flow Systems supply logging, telemetry and M2M solutions for recording, transmitting and displaying your data; locally via GSM/GPRS or in our cloud based web portals. Featuring products from well known manufacturers such as Fluidwell, Blancett, KEP and Plum.

Flow Rate Display

Bell Flow Systems offer a large number of flow rate displays and totalisers that can be used in a variety of flow measurement applications. Our dedicated flow rate displays are built specifically for the task with relevant features, unlike many general purpose displays. We provide them in a range of different mounting options and can also provide Explosion proof and Intrinsically safe flow displays approved for use in hazardous areas.

Batch Control Display

Bell Flow Systems offer a number of batch displays and batch controllers that may be used in a variety of defined flow measurement and batch processing applications. Our batching displays offer easy programming and operation with dedicated features for control of automating batching processes such as mixing and blending liquids.

Process Sensors

A wide range of process sensors for process measurement and control. Suitable for measuring pressure, temperature, flow, level and humidity.

Process Sensors
Process Sensors

Process sensors suitable for standard applications and hazardous/ATEX area use. Digital models and analogue models available. Suitable for a wide range of applications, temperatures and fluid types.


Pressure sensors, pressure transducers, submersible depth sensors and digital gauges. Suitable for a wide variety of pressure measurement and monitoring tasks. Available for both standard applications and hazardous areas/ATEX approved.


Bell Flow Systems offer a large selection of  RTD’s, Thermocouples and sensors in a variety of styles. Contact us for specific requirements.


A large range of high specification and reliable non-contact level measurement sensors. Utilising ultrasonic, radar and guided radar principles. Models are available suitable for a wide selection of level measurement applications and can be specified with various materials, connections , integral display as standard and choice of outputs.

Fuel & Oil Transfer

Browse Bell Flow Systems range of fuel transfer pumps, oil transfer pumps and fuel flow meters. Fuel management systems for commercial vehicle fleets, bulk fuel transfer meters , AdBlue dispensing and domestic heating oil supply.

Fill Rite digital flow meter
Fill Rite digital flow meter

From simple dispensers, hoses and petrol/diesel nozzels, to free-standing, fully featured fuel dispending and management systems capable of remote communication and configuration. Take control of your fleet fuelling today. Choose from our wide range of products suitable for use with with diesel, petrol, gasoline, AdBlue, kerosene and oil.

Fuel and Oil Flow Meters

Bell Flow Systems supply a wide range of mechanical, pulsed and digital fuel transfer flow meters and oil flow meters suitable for most common fuel types including: Diesel, Biodiesel, Gas Oil, MFO/HFO, Kerosene, Petrol, Parrafin etc, as well as for oil and grease metering applications.

We stock a huge range of flow meter models and can provide a fuel transfer meter, Oil or grease flow meter for most applications, including high accuracy, low flow, high pressure, battery powered, low cost, Hazardous Area certified and custody transfer approved flow measurement with strainer and air eliminators, to name but a few.

Fuel Transfer Pumps

Bell Flow Systems offer a large selection of fuel transfer pumps and fuel dispensing kits, which are available from stock in the UK for next day delivery. Our selection of diesel transfer pumps is one of the widest in the market with further models available on our sister website

Bell Flow Systems fuel transfer pumps are available in materials suitable for petrol, diesel, biodiesel, kerosene and fuel oils and come in 12VDC, 24VDC, 240V and 110V or 3Ph versions. We also offer ATEX rated fuel pumps suitable for use in hazardous areas, based explosion proof or flame proof principles as well as a variety of hand-operated models available in a variety of materials and delivery capacities.

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