ADEL SFP544 Safety Power

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power ready to give you energy in security and reliability. Range of battery modules ready to be matched to your DC UPS. In the function of the consumption of your load and the time you want to secure your system, you can choose different sizes of accumulation. They are products you can use in any type of industry and plant engineering, for wall mounting or DIN Rail mounting. Available with and without integrated batteries. Small VRLA Range gives you the possibility of mounting the Battery Bank wall or DIN Rail as you want, up to size 7.2Ah.

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power Features

The power supply unit conforms to European standard EN54.4. the device provides power for the main panel, in field device and stand by Battery. The maximum total current depending on the type of CBI’s chosen at least 20 A that can be distributed between load and battery. The CBI device can supply the load and in the main time recharge and detect the batteries.

When the main fails, automatically the CBI’S switch the battery to the load without any output interruption. In any situation, the battery is tested charged and temperature charging compensated, by the external temperature sensor. By DPY351 or DPY353 it is possible to monitor all kinds of state and alarm that can be transmitted by Dry contact or by Ethernet. The alarm Type is Battery Fault, Main o Back-Up, Generic Fault. By ADELView system DPY354, it is possible to monitor and configure the device in another area.

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Device configuration (In Voltage 115,230,277 Vac)

Output Device Accessory Connectivity
12 3A CBI123A DPY353
12 5A CBI126A DPY353
12 10A CBI1210A DPY353
12 15A CBI2801224A DPY351 – DPY353 ModBus RTU
12 35A CBI1235A DPY351 – DPY353 ModBus RTU
24 2.5A CBI6024A DPY351 – DPY353 Ethernet
24 3A CBI243A DPY353
24 5A CBI245A DPY353
24 10A CBI2410A DPY353
24 10A CBI2801224A DPY351 – DPY353 ModBus RTU
24 20A CBI2420A DPY351 – DPY353 ModBus RTU
48 5A CBI485A DPY353
48 10A CBI4810A DPY351 – DPY353 ModBus RTU

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power Input Data

Nominal Input Voltage Vac 115 – 230 – 277
Voltage range Vac 90 ÷ 305
Frequency 47 ÷ 63 Hz
For other data please refer to specific CBI’S data sheet

Generic Output Data “Load side”

Output Voltage 12 – 24 – 48 Vdc.: Depend on CBI
Output Number 2

Battery Output Connection

Output Voltage Battery Depend on CBI

Signal Output Alarm (free switch contacts)

Main or Backup Input Power Yes
Battery Fault Yes
Generic System Fault Yes

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power Battery Type Capacity

  • Lead Acid Ah: 1.2–3–7–12–18

Signal Input / Output (on Aux1 CBI)

  • Temp. Comp. Battery (with external probe): Yes
  • Remote monitoring display: DPY351 or DPY352
  • Connection Ethernet: By DPY351
  • Connection ModBus by CBI. See Table: Device Config

ADEL SFP544 Safety Power General Data

  • Protection Class (EN/IEC 60529): IP30(indoor use only)
  • Protection class (PE Connected): I, with PE
  • Steel enclosure, painted steel, Coating: White or Black
  • Dimensions (w-h-d): 240x310x150 mm
  • Weight: kg 6.8 approx..

Climatic Data

  • Ambient temperature (operation): -25 ÷ +70°C
  • De Rating Ta: > 50°C – 2.5%(In) / °C
  • Ambient temperature Storage: -40 ÷ +85°C
  • Humidity at 25 °C no condensation: 95% to 25°C
  • Cooling: Auto convention

Norms and Certifications

In Conformity to EN60950 / UL1950 Electrical safety; EN54-4 Fire Detection and fire alarm systems and EN12101-10. Electromagnetic Compatibility 2014/30/EU; Low Voltage 2014/35/EU; Safety Standard EN IEC 62368-1: 2014/AC:2015 Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive (RoHS) 2011/65/EU


  • Enclosure coating White, Code: SFP544-xxxW
  • Enclosure coating Black, Code: SFP544-xxxB


  • All Range DC UPS: CBI xxxx A
  • 3.5” Graphic display for Monitoring and Ethernet: DPY351
  • 5 LED display for Monitoring Alarm: DPY353
  • IIoT Software “ADELView System”: DPY354
  • Temperature Battery Compensation Probe: RJTEMP xxx

Download Datasheet: ADEL SFP544 Safety Power


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