NHVC Series Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

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  • Various high voltage connectors are available, including the world’s rare 6.6kV three-phase package type.
  • We have a track record in plant equipment, emergency power supply equipment, outdoor transport equipment, large electric construction machines, various inspection devices

Electrical connector NHVC Series have two type current:

  • High Voltage, small current: Shell Size 16, 30, 50
  • High Voltage, High current: Shell Size 90, 120, 200


Nanaboshi electrical connector

Shell size 16, 30, 50
RoHS RoHS compliant products
Waterproof None
Lock method Screw lock method
Mechanism features Non-waterproof single pole
Connection method Shell size 16: Crimp (JIS C 9711)
Shell size 30, 50: Soldering
Shell size 90 120 200
RoHS Not compatible
Waterproof ( Waterproof function when bonding)  Equivalent to IP 67 IP55 IP67
Lock method Screw lock method
Mechanism Three-phase high-voltage cables for 3.3 kV and 6.6 kV can be attached and removed at one time
 Connection method Soldering

Material and Treatment

Material Processing
Shell Size 16 30 50 90 120 200 16 30 50 90 120 200
Shell Lead and Aluminum Alloys Lead alloy  Aluminum Alloy Cum M  –
Insulator Synthetic resin
Contact Copper alloy Silver
Packing Synthetic Rubber

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