R Series Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

R Connector Nanaboshi is a high current type waterproof connector. There are many results in emergency power supply facilities etc.

Nanaboshi Electrical Connector

R Connector Nanaboshi Feature :

RoHS Not compatible
Waterproof connector (Equivalent to waterproof function IP-64 at bonding)
Lock method Bayonet lock method
Mechanism and Material feature
  • Because rubber is used for the insulator and body cover
  • Reduce the risk of damage due to impact.
Connection method Screwing

Materials and Treatment

Material Processing
Shell Almunium alloy
Cover and Insulator Synthetic rubber
Contact Copper alloy Tin plate

Electrical Performance

Rated 600V 200A
Withstand Voltage ( V r.m.s.) 2500
Insulation resistance (MΩ) 5,000 or more
Wire conductor cross-section (mm2) 150 or less
Cable Finished Outer Diameter (mm)
φ38 to φ100
50 to 80 (Cable for transfer)
Operating temperature limit -10° C to + 70 ° C
Contact resistance Contact voltage drop Less than 15mV at 200A

T Series Electrical Connector Nanaboshi

Nanaboshi Electrical Connector | Plug connector | Receptacle Connector

Nanaboshi ts series connector
Nanaboshi ts series connector

Electrical Connector T Series use of rubber insulators and a one-touch cap lock mechanism has made it easy to handle. Ideal for frequent travel installations.


  • RoH : Not compatible.
  • Waterproof : None.
  • Lock method : Cap lock method.
  • Mechanism and material features : Uses synthetic rubber for the insulator and has excellent mechanical properties.
  • Operating temperature limit : 484: Screw, 4810: Soldering.
  • Operating temperature limit :  -25 ℃ to + 85 ℃.

Material and processing




Shell Zinc alloy Satin chrome plating
Insulator Synthetic rubber
Contact Copper alloy Silver plating

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