Sibas Connector

Sibas Electrical Connector

SIBAS Connector was established in 1998, focus development and application in the field of electrical connections, the company has become a leading, well-known professional production of connectors, connector (HDC) and related professional manufacturer of electrical connection technology products.

Has a wealth of expertise and experience in the development, production and sales connectors and electrical connection technology products have been widely used in machinery manufacturing, automation technology, power distribution, and communications products.

SIBAS Connector is a professional production of industrial all kinds of plugs, sockets, cable connectors, sensor connectors, industrial connectors, and cable protection accessories manufacturers, its manufactured products enjoy a good reputation in the industry, recognized for our customers.

Sibas Connector Products

Heavy-duty connectors

Sibas rectangle industry connectors are applicable in a wide variety of electrical and electrical applications.such as Power utilities, Robotics, Transportation, Injection molding.

TE Connectivy HA Series
TE Connectivy HA Series

Circular connectors

Sibas is the signal transmission partner that delivers confidence in signal availability. We offer M5, M8, M12, M16, M23, RD24 series.
Circular Sibas Connector
Circular Sibas Connector

Cable clamps

We manufacture cable support systems, cable clamps. we develop a customized solution for every project and electrical applications.

Cable glands

Sibas can offer high-quality cable glands, and customized solutions have long been fixed elements to our program and demonstrate our flexibility.

Customized solutions

If you have some special design or ideas, our engineers will contact you,we hope that we can develop a more customized solution for every project and electrical applications.

New products

  • Circular connectors: we launched M23 series include signal and power connectors…
  • Rectangle connectors: we launched HEE series and new modular series.

Industry connectors

Industry connectors series is for high current applications such as charging controllers, transistorized pulse-controlled inverters or power supplies.

Power connectors

Sibas power connectors for low voltage applications are robustly designed sockets and plugs for use in harsh and difficult environments.

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