Quincy Compressor QOFT 20-75V and QOF 75-200 Oil Free Compressors

Quincy Compressor QOFT 20-75V and QOF 75-200 Oil Free Compressors, The Quincy QOFT & QOF Series rotary tooth and screw compressors deliver 100% oil-free air with Industry leading reliability. Ideal applications include food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical processing, fermentation, wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying, non-woven textile manufacturing and many more.

The Quincy QOFT and QOF Series rotary screw compressors delivers advanced controls and networking capabilities along with a robust design that’s easy to service.

Certified ISO 8573-1 (2010) CLASS 0

The QOF/QOFT Is Best For:

Applications that require its full air flow capacity Harsh operating conditions (outdoor, hot, cold, dirty) Special applications that require a customizable air compressor Even higher durability and reliability.

Quincy Compressor’s QOF 75-200HP line of oil-free rotary compressors brings you outstanding sustainability, reliability and performance, while minimizing the total cost of ownership. Built to perform even in the harshest environments, these compressors keep your production running efficiently.

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Rotary Tooth is best technology from 20 – 75HP:

  1. Smaller Leak Path. Our exclusive design allows low leakage between rotors when compared to other compression technologies.
  2. Lower RPM. Rotor speeds can be kept low because the leak path is smaller.
  3. Teflon Coated Stainless Steel. The profile surface of the female rotor body and the inner walls of the compression chamber are coated with an abradable Teflon-based paint.

Rotary Screw is the best technology above 75HP:

  1. Bearing Set-Up Designed For Lifetime. Our unique bearing set-up was jointly designed with a leading bearing manufacturer for the exclusive application on oil-free compressor airends.
  2. Best In Class Screw Rotor Clearances. Liquid cooled jackets and exclusive Teflon graphite coating keeps clearances as small as possible.
  3. Minimized Internal Leakage. We design our rotary screw compressors to have the airends turning at the
    optimum speeds to minimize losses and increase performance and durability


QOFT 20-75 HP Series

  1. Inter-cooler & After-cooler
    • Water separators are included for both the Inter-cooler and After-cooler
    • Low After-cooler approach (CTD) prevents having to oversize the air dryer
  2. Two Stage Tooth Airend
    • Lower energy consumption compared to single stage compression systems as no venting of the pressure is required
    • 2 Year Sterling Blue Extended Warranty
  3. Sound Insulated Canopy
    • No separate compressor room required
    • Induction Motor
    • Flange-mounted for perfect alignment
    • The dry motor coupling requires no lubrication, eliminating service requirements
  4. Air Filter
    • SAE fine 99.5%; SAE coarse 99.9%
    • Long lifetime and high reliability for longer service intervals
    • Combined air filter and silencer to ensure sound insulation
  5. Integrated VSD Inverter
    • High energy efficiency by matching customer demand with power consumption
    • Operation in a narrow pressure band setting reduces the overall system working pressure
  6. Q-Control Touch
    • Advanced Q-Control Touch control and monitoring system, designed for integration in a (remote) process control system
  7. Electronic Water Drain
    • Mounted vibration-free on the frame
    • Constant removal of condensate for improved water separation and extended lifetime of the compressor
  8. Radial Fan
    • Easy to connect ductwork
    • Low noise


Reference : quincycompressor.com

Download : Datasheet

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