Rheonik RHE15 Profibus DP Module

Rheonik RHE15 Profibus DP Module

Rheonik RHE 15 Coriolis Mass Flow Transmitter

The Rheonik RHE15 Mass flow transmitter is an expansion module providing connectivity for an RHE14 transmitter to a PROFIBUS-DP system. The unit can optionally act as a gateway for other local instruments without PROFIBUS functionality.

Rheonik RHE15 Profibus DP Module FUNCTIONS

  • PROFIBUS-DP Connectivity for RHE 14
  • Conversion of three Analog and one Pulse Input from any Transmitter to PROFIBUS

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RHE15 General Specifications

Housing: DIN rail mounting enclosure (polycarbonate (PC) and polyphenylene oxide (PPO))
Enclosure Rating: IP 20
Ambient Temperature: -40°C to +65°C (-40°F to +149°F)
Dimensions: 70 x 86 x 58 mm (2.76 x 3.39 x 2.28 in)
Operation: Via PROFIBUS DP master
Cable Connection:
Screw terminals for discrete wires, 9 pin sub-D type connection for communications cable
Optional Pulse Input: Active TTL – connects to open collector or dry contact relay
Optional Analog inputs: Accepts up to 3 active analog 0/4- 20mA connections
Power Supply: 8 – 26 VDC +/- 10%
Digital Data Communications: Output: PROFIBUS
Input: HART over RS232 (from RHE14)
0.2 kg (0.44 lb)

More Information : Brochure RHE15

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