Seametrics Insertion Paddlewheel IP100/200 & IP150/250 Flow Sensor

Seametrics Insertion Paddlewheel the IP100/200-Series are adjustable depth insertion paddlewheels that come in brass, PVC, or 316 stainless models to fit 3” to 40” pipe. Adapters mate with standard 1-1/2” (11x/21x) or 2” (15x/25x), or PVC (11x/21x) NPT threaded fittings such as saddles and weldolets which may be purchased either locally or from Seametrics.

Seametrics Insertion Paddlewheel Features

  • Wide flow range
  • One moving part
  • Hot tap available
  • Modular electronics compatible
  • Easily depth adjustable for 3” to 40” pipe


  • Clean water
  • Large pipes
  • Aquariums, water parks
  • Water & wastewater monitoring


Pipe Size 3” to 40”
Power Low Power: 6-36 Vdc/< 2 mA
Micropowered (-04 Option): 3.1-16 Vdc/60 μA @ 3.6 Vdc
Sensor Low Power: Digital Magnetoresistive
Micropowered (-04 Option): Giant Magnetoresistance (GMR)
Materials Housing Powder-coated cast aluminum
Tubing/Fitting/Sensor Housing Brass, PVC, or 316 Stainless Steel
Rotor PVDF (Kynar®)
Shaft Kynar® /Tungsten Carbide (Kynar® /Ceramic or Kynar®/Silicon Carbide optional)
Bearings Ruby jewel
O-Ring (15x/25x only EDPM
Valve Assembly for: IP11x/21x (Brass/SS) IP11x/21x (PVC) IP15x/25x (Brass/SS) IP15x/25x (PVC)
None None Bronze (316SS optional) Uses gate valve
Fitting Size Required 1.5” FNPT 2” FNPT 2” FNPT 2” FNPT
Maximum Pressure Brass/SS: 200 psi (14 bar)
PVC: 150 psi (10 bar)
Temperature Brass/SS: 200˚ F (93˚ C)
PVC: 130˚ F (55˚ C)
Flow Velocity 0.3 to 30 ft/sec (0.09 to 9.14 m/sec)
Accuracy ± 1.5% of full scale
Output Transistor Maximum Current Sinking 150mA (low power version only)
Cable #22 AWG 3-con, 18’ (6m); 2,000’ (610m) maximum cable run Note: 50’ (15m) maximum for battery-powered or
micropowered versions.
Environmental See meter mounted electronic specification for rating.
Regulatory Mark (applies to full power sensor only configuration and full power FT 430/440/450 mounted configurations)

Download Datasheet: Seametrics IP100/200 & IP150/250

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