Asahi 102 New Light Weight Gauge

Asahi 102 New Light Weight Gauge is designed as a pressure gauge to be used on the piping of factories and other facilities in various industries. Produced on an efficient mass-production system, this gauge has made available a high quality equal to that of JIS B7505 ordinary pressure gauges for lower prices.

The New Right Gauge is of universal type lending itself to a broad spectrum of piping and industrial use. The performance meets the total requirements specified in JIS B7505 (ordinary type). Further, cost reduction is one of the main concerns of the product concept. The New Right Gauge is sure to be an economical answer to budge-concerned projects without sacrificing reliability in performance.

Asahi 102 New Light Weight Gauge Features

  • Price is very competitive due to Asahi s rational mass-production system.
  • Gauge performance totally meets the requirements as noted in JIS B7505 (ordinary type).
  • Prompt shipping is always possible from a rich stock
  • Cost economy realized by mass-production
  • Performance as high as JIS B7505 ordinary gauges
  • Quick delivery, thanks to plenty in stock at all times.

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Asahi 102 New Light Weight Gauge Specifications

Model 102-A230 102-B340 102-B350
Dial Size 60 75 100
Connection G1/4 G3/8 G3/8
Case SP  Black Bezel Chrome Plated SP Black SP Black
Accuracy ±1.6%FS ±1.6%FS ±1.6%FS
Temrerature -5~+45℃
Other Pointer Stop at 1MPa with 3 holes for 75、100

Asahi Gauge was founded in 1916 under the name of its predecessor, Mori Measuring Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. More than 90 years have passed since the manufacturer brought its first weighing machine and gas cutter to the market. Supported by the users, Asahi has enjoyed its unequaled fame as the first-rate manufacturer of pressure gauges ever since.

Not content with the name and fame it has built up, Asahi is dedicated to upgrading product quality furthermore, reducing cost, and developing new products by making full use of its latest technology. All products from Asahi are admired for their superb quality that deserves its name as the only pressure gauge manufacturer in Japan.

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