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Pipe Cutter Hand Tools Merry tools For Cutting Pipe And Tubing, Plastic surface raceway, Interior finish work, Handicraft timber, bamboo. Merry PIP19, Merry PIP42, Merry PIP63, Merry FL38N, Merry PIP7Z, Merry FL50, Merry MC80. Plastic Pipe Cutters can cut plastic surface raceway at any desired angle with an attachment installed.

Merry Hand Tools | Plastic Pipe cutter | Pipe Cutter


  • Polyvinyl chloride pipes can be cut easily with one hand.


  • Cutting polyvinyl chloride tubes, polyethylene tubes.

Other applications

  • Polyethylene pipe and tubing.
  • Fabric reinforced or solid rubber or neoprene hose for air, water, industrial gases etc.,
  • Clear vinyl tubing.
  • ABS and PVC schedule 40 and schedule 80 (should be at room temperature for best cut)
  • Heavy wall air conditioner hose.
  • Plastic gas pipe-polypropylene pipe.
  • Welding hose-DWV.
  • Live rubber such as surgical tubing.
  • Nylon, plastic or hemp rope.

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Kind of model Merry Tools for Cutting pipe

Merry PIP19 Merry PIP42 Merry PIP63
Standart Type
Easy Operation Type
Easy to grasp grip
Merry PIP7Z Merry FL38N Merry FL50
Pipe Cutter Hand Tools Pipe Cutter Hand Tools
Slim Type
Standart Type
Heavy-duty Type
Merry MC80
Pipe Cutter Hand Tools
For Water Piping Service
With Adjusting Screw

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