Merry Multi Purpose Cutter

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter Designed for one-hand operation. Suitable for soft materials. Cutting nylon hose, rubber hose, soft cable wire, plastic channel, leather belt, etc. Merry Roo cutter Designed for one-hand operation. Suitable for cutting plastic ducts, plastic (cable) protector, etc.

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter Designed for one-hand operation

  • Long blade type.
  • An attachment is available, for right and 45° angle cutting. (standard accessory)


  • The pipe material receiving section is adjustable, and can secure the pipe and make a straight cut.
  • The replaceable blades are interchangeable types which can be used twice.
  • It can cut anything from soft CD tube to hard HIVP tube.


  • Piping construction industry such as hot water supply/water supply. Cutting of PVC pipes, sheathed pipes, crosslinked polyethylene pipes, etc.

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter kind of Cutter tool Products :

  • Merry tools.
  • Merry Cutter.
  • Multi-Purpose.
  • Cutter  Nylon Hose.
  • Cutter Electric.
  • Wire Cutter.
  • Tree Branch.
  • Plastic Cable Protector Cutter.
  • Duct Cutter.
  • Plica Tube Cutter.
  • Flexi Snip.

Duct cutter, Fleki Snip, Multi-Purpose Cutter, nipper plier, Pipe Cutter, Plica Tube cutter


Merry SX5

Merry SX7

Merry SX10

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter

Slim Type

Ratchet Type

Heavy-duty Type

Merry SX20

Merry SX15

Merry SX25

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter

Long Blade Type

Standart Type

Long Blade Type

Merry DX80

Merry GCX5

Merry LDC110

Merry Multi Purpose Cutter
 Rachet Type No obstacle on the blade surface Long Duct Cutter


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