AccuLux SL 7 LED Set Explosion-proof Lamps for Fire Department

AccuLux SL 7 LED whether as headlamps, as angle hand lamps that can be worn in a pocket, as hand lights or torches, all of these are environment-friendly and rechargeable. Water and shock-resistant explosion-proof lamps for different hazard zones are also available from AccuLux.

Our advantages for the fire department

  • The wide product range of explosion-proof lamps.
  • Certified according to the ATEX directive 2014/34/EU.
  • Explosion zones 0, 1, 2, 20, 21, 22 (all gases and dust).

AccuLux SL 7 LED Set Explosion-proof Lamps for the Fire Department

AccuLux SL 7 LED Set Explosion-proof Lamps for the Fire Department
SL 7 LED Set

The case of the dust and splash-water protected safety lamp model AccuLux SL 7 LED is made of robust plastic. The Power LED generates a widespread focussed light beam. Through the 110° flexible lamp head and the included orange diffusor, the lamp is flexible and can be used, for example, as a flashing warning lamp. High Tech-Accu-technology: The rechargeable, maintenance-free lithium-Ferro-phosphate battery is secured against deep discharge and can be permanently charged through the intelligent circuit layout.

In case of low capacity: an automatic switch function from the power LED to the LED pilot lamps also is integrated. The AccuLux SL 7 LED has a remaining capacity display through four LEDs on the back. The charging status is signaled by the light of the pilot lamp. The charging station L 5 with optimized charging technology in minimal dimensions guarantees assembly possibilities for the smallest spots in cars or buildings. The AccuLux SL 7 LED can be charged on 230 V AC as well as 24 V and 12 V DC. Safety emergency light function is present. For vehicles a charging station without an emergency function is available.

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Supply: Lamp, Charging station, charging cable 230 V and 12/24 V, diffusor orange

  • dust and splash water protected
  • widespread light beam with a high range
  • robust plastic casing
  • AccuLux SL 7 LED is a flexible lamp head
  • extremely lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Emergency light function: turns on in case of a blackout
  • automatic switch function from the power LED to the LED pilot lamp (in case of low capacity of battery)
  • 4-stage charge level display
  • High-Tech: maintenance-free LiFePo battery

Technical Data

Article No. 456641
Case material Plastic
Main lamp Power LED (ca. 200 lumens*)
Operating time main lamp ca. 5 h
Operating time blink mode ca. 8 h
Protection class oft the lamp IP 54
Range ca. 150 m*
Pilot lamp LED 5 mm
Operating time pilot lamp ca. 65 h
Battery LIFePo4 3,2 V; Rechargeable
Charging voltage 230 V AC 50 / 60Hz, 12 / 24 V DC
Protection class II
Weight oft the lamp 730 g
Dimensions in mm (Set) 104 x 245 x 120

*Luminous flux (lumen) or maximum range (meter) measured when turning on with a set of new batteries. These are average values that may deviate by +/- 10% due to component tolerances.


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