Adalet Instruments Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector

Adalet Explosion Proof Manual has been an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of enclosure systems and cable accessories. Established in 1928 to manufacture conduit and cable fittings, Adalet today offers the most extensive line of enclosures and fittings to the hazardous and rugged industrial markets.

Our engineered enclosure systems include empty and populated explosion-proof and stainless steel junction boxes, motor control enclosures, meter, and instrument housings, and ‘Exe’ increased safety terminal and control enclosures.

Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector

Adalet offers the most extensive line of industrial enclosures for hazardous and rugged industrial applications. From standard stock products to modified and custom enclosures, you’ll find what you need here. We understand that electrical enclosures are an extremely important part of your business, from protecting employees to sustaining the proper functions of power equipment. The electrical enclosures built by Adalet can be counted on for durability and long life.

Our industrial enclosures are manufactured in a variety of materials, sizes, and types. We also offer a variety of explosion-proof fittings, accessories, and instrument and meter housings – all at a competitive price. Our products include a broad range of agency certifications and approvals. They are suitable for NEMA type 1 through NEMA type 13 applications and are manufactured to the most current domestic and international design standards.

The Adalet Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector is a compact and rugged complete system and is UL Classified / CSA Certified for use in Class I, Division 1 areas where motor circuit protection is required. The Adalet Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector is complemented by a wide range of accessories and options.  Auxiliary contacts are available with one normally open and one normally closed contact.

A shunt release is available to electronically trip the starter when voltage is applied (120V or 220V) or an under-voltage release is an option to protect your motor from a low voltage situation.  For NEMA 4X protection a watertight ‘O’ ring, stainless steel cover bolts, and a breather/drain are also options.

Adalet Explosion Proof Manual Features

  • Enclosure:
    • A versatile mounting footprint makes installation in any application fast and easy.
    • Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, copper-free aluminum alloy body (0.3% max. copper content)
    • Red and green pushbuttons for easy start/stop operation
    • Bolted flange design provides clear access to internal components
    • Durable cast-on lugs cannot get lost
    • Watertight ‘O’ ring for NEMA 4X applications
  • Motor Starter:
    • Cutler-Hammer Type XTPB Manual Motor Starter
    • Range of sizes up to 25 amps
    • Easy to operate the pushbutton actuation
    • Current setting dial
    • Phase loss protection
    • Snap-on accessories


  • Enclosure:
    • Inside nominal dimensions: 4-1/8″W x 5-7/8″L x 4″D
    • Overall dimensions: 5-3/8″W x 7″L x 5-5/16/8″D
    • Mounting bolt size: 5/16″
    • Shipping weight: 8.5 lbs
  • Options:
    • Auxiliary Contacts (1NO, 1NC)
    • Shunt Trip
    • Under Voltage Release
    • Breather/drain installed in the bottom
    • Lockout device on pushbutton

Download Data Sheet: Explosion Proof Manual Motor Starter / Protector


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