Anderson Power Products SBE®, SBO®, SBX®Connector Series

SBE, SBO, SBX | Connector Series

Anderson SBE SBO SBX Connector build on the capability of the SB® connectors that handle two primary power contacts with the capacity to have up to 8 auxiliary power/signal contacts. The centers of the connector housing’s feature a location for either: two PP15-45 housings and contacts, an innovative 1×4 auxiliary accessory, or two PPMX housings that can accommodate up to 8 aux contacts. In addition, the housings meet IEC 60950 & IEC60529 touch safe requirements.

Sequencing within auxiliary positions is possible using the 4 pin lengths available in the 1×4 auxiliary accessory however the auxiliary contacts mate last / un-mate first in relationship to the power contacts. While SBE® and SBX® housings offer similar capabilities, the SBE® connector housings are molded from a chemical resistant PBT/PC blend resin allowing them to meet EN1175-1 requirement and are tested to EN1175-1 standards. SBX® are molded from a rugged PC resin that is more impact resistant and are tested to UL/CSA requirements.

Anderson Power Products SBE, SBO, SBX Connector Series
SBE, SBO, SBX Connector Series


  • Available in three sizes: SBO®60/SBE®80, SBE®160/SBX®175, and SBE®320/SBX®350
  • Silver Plated Wire Contacts for Wires up to 350 mcm (185 mm²)
    Allows low resistance enabling UL rated currents up to 550 amps per pole
  • Up to 8 Last-mate / First-break Auxiliaries
    Enables intelligent power switching, CAN and interlock loop circuitry, as well as power up to 20 amps per pole
  • Durable Housings and Contacts
    Like all Multipole connectors, the silver plated power contacts and plastic housings are rated up to 10,000 mating cycles
  • Touch Safe Interfaces
    Anderson SBE, SBO ,SBX Connector Minimizes potential contact with live circuits per IEC 60950 & IEC 60529
  • Color-coded Mechanical Voltage Keys
    Like all Multipole connectors, the SBE®,SBO®, and SBX® offer an easy way to identify circuits and protect against cross mating.

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