Apollo Valves YCF Series Pipeline Strainers

Apollo YCF Pipeline Strainers are designed to protect piping systems and process equipment from unwanted foreign particles with minimum pressure loss.


  • Iron Strainer with Flat Face Flanges Conforms to ASME/ANSI B16.1 Class 125
  • Apollo YCF Pipeline Strainers One-Piece Cast Body Meets ASME Standard
  • Equipped with Bolted Cover Employing Flat Gasket Seal
  • Upper and Lower Machined Seats for Screen for Self-Aligning Screen Design
  • Tapped Blow-Off Connection with Plug
  • 100% Factory Pressure Tested
  • High-Temp Resistant Black Coating

Performance Rating

  • Apollo YCF Pipeline StrainersWorking Pressure (non-shock):
  • CWP 200 PSIG
  • SWP 125 PSIG @ 352°F

Standard Material List

Body Cast Iron, ASTM A126-B
Cap/Cover Cast Iron, ASTM A126-B
Plug Carbon Steel, ASTM A307
Bolt/Stud/Nut Carbon Steel, ASTM A307
Screen 304 Stainless Steel
Gasket Graphite
Coating High-Temp Resistant

Ref: www.apollovalves.com
Download Data Sheets: Apollo Valves YCF Series Pipeline Strainers


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