Apollo Valves 612 Pipeline Strainers

Pipeline Strainers | Carbon Steel

The Apollo® YCS (612) Carbon Steel Wye Strainers are designed with large area screens to protect piping systems and process equipment from unwanted foreign particles with minimum pressure loss.


  • Body is ASTM A216 Carbon Steel Grade WCB
  • 20 Mesh Screen
  • Copper Gasket 1/2” to 1-1/2”. 304 SS/Graphite on 2”
  • Screen cover is NPT Tapped for Customer Supplied Plug or Blow-Off Valve

Performance Rating

  • Working Pressure:
    CWP: 1440 psi
    SWP: 600 psi
  • Maximum Temperature: 488° F

Standard Material List

Body Carbon Steel
Cap Carbon Steel
Screen Stainless Steel, 304
Gasket Stainless Steel, 304

Ref: http://www.apollovalves.com
Download Data Sheets: Apollo Valves 612 Pipeline Strainers

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