J. Schneider C-TEC 2403 USB

J. Schneider C-TEC 2403 USB Capacitor buffered Power Supply, The buffered DC power supply of the CTEC series includes ultra-capacitors as energy storage inside the housing. During normal operation this capacitor is charged from the system voltage (Ue). The connected DC consumers are supplied as well from the system voltage. In case of an interruption of the system voltage, the energy of the ultra-capacitor is released regulated. With a dc/dc converter the load is supplied from the capacitor until it is discharged. The backup time depends on the state of charge of the capacitor and the discharge current.


The power supply hast he following characteristics:

  • Maintenance-free  because of long-life ultra-capacitors
  • Mikrocontroller based charging and discharging oft he ultra-capacitors
  • Control of operation and status of charge with potential-free contacts and LED
  • Capacity extension possible with external capacitor extension modules
  • ‚Ue-o.k.‘ message via USB

Another Article:

The TECControl software (optional) monitors permanently the mains. The C-TEC equalizes mains disturbances  (blackout) or short time drops of the input voltage (brownout).

In case of mains failures > 2 Sekunden the C-TEC signalizes the mains failure to the PC, which conducts a system shutdown after an adjustable time. Subsequently the C-TEC as well as the IPC are switched off. In case of mains return, the C-TEC releases the output voltage, so that the system is able to restart automatically. If the mains returns during the shut down procedure, the C-TEC separates nevertheless the PC supply for a short time, so that the PC can restart afterwards without error.

With this function all mains failures can be handle without problems, even complete systems may be switched off only with the main switch and the C-TEC respectively the TECCONTROL take over the complete internal switch off routine of the system. So downtimes and damages because of an uncontrolled process stop are avoided.

J. Schneider C-TEC 2403 USB Technical Data

Nominal input voltage

24  V DC -15 % / 10 %

Input voltage range

20,4 V … 26,4 V DC

Min. charging voltage

23,7 V DC

Nominal input current (at 24,0 V DC) C charged 3 A load

3,1 A DC

Output voltage in back-up operation

23,0 V DC ±2 %

Nominal output current Max

3 A DC (at 0,94 kJ)

Nominal output current at maximum energy

2 A DC (at 1,0 kJ)

Current limitation

1,05 … 1,2 x INom

Power loss at Uc >

2,5 W

Power loss at 100 % load and charge

7 W  (max. 60 seconds)

Efficiency at Uc >

>96% @ (Ue=24,0 V DC; Ua=22,9 V DC; Ia=INom)

Internal device protection (internal)

4 A (T)

fusing DC-output circuit (external)

3 A (T)

Type of connection: input Ue

Spring terminal  max. 1,0 mm²

Type of connection: output Ua

Spring terminal max. 1,0 mm²

Message contact (Ue-OK[1])

Message via USB

Protective system

IP20 u. EN 60529

Operational temperature

-20 °C … 60 °C

Storage temperature

-20 °C … 60 °C

Rel. humidity

≤95% no condensation

Max. mounting height (without load reduction)

2000 m above sea level

dimensions (HxWxD)

92,5 mm, 60 mm, 116 mm


0,6 Kg

Fixation Snap-on mounting for DIN top hat rail
UL approvals No

[1] The message contacts are coupled with LED display. The illumination of a LED effects the activation of the corresponding relay.

Reference : j-schneider.de

Download : Datasheet

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