Parweld was Founded in 1972 to service local industry in the West Midlands, Parweld has grown to become a global player in the design and manufacture of welding products.

Parweld General Information

Parweld is proud to offer one of the world’s most comprehensive range of MIG, TIG, and plasma torches, alongside an ever-increasing range of welding machines, PPE, and other complementary products. Managed from our head office in the UK with manufacturing facilities in China, we now have distributors in over 55 countries worldwide, serving Europe, Middle East, North America, South America, and Australia.

They understand that there is no “one size fits all” approach, and we have the skills and ability to adapt to our customer’s requirements as they develop and change with market demands. From a one-person operation to a multi-national company and everything in between we offer the same high quality of service to all customers, tailored to your requirements. Whether it’s Parweld branded or OEM product we will meet your needs.


The future of any business depends on the success of its customers. We believe in building relationships, with customers and consumers to deliver unrivaled service and support, inspiring trust and confidence in our abilities. Our team is experienced and flexible to the needs of our customers and when things do go wrong we are ready to get things back on track. Vertical integration within Parweld ensures rapid support and technical expertise are delivered where required.

Quality extends throughout the company. From the first point of contact with the customer through to the delivery of the smallest items quality is always at the forefront. Our entire business is certified to ISO9001 and our objective is to provide total customer satisfaction in all areas. We understand that consistent field performance of our products is just as important as the pre and post-sales support.

Parweld products

MIG Torches

Every component in the XP8 (MIG Torches)  has been designed and manufactured using high specification materials, with performance and service life in mind. We focus on the user and have worked to ensure that every aspect of the torch is simple, efficient, and effective.

We continuously innovate to ensure that the XP8 torch is at the forefront of performance and technology. Reduced downtime – productivity is the key, with the XP8’s industry leading 80% duty cycle on air-cooled torches keep welding for longer.

Exceptional cooling – our patented gas flow technology uses the shielding gas to force cool the contact tip. Superior ergonomics – designed to give a neutral wrist position and reduce RSI risks. Extended consumable life span – contact tips last twice as long as our competitors.

Parweld TIG Torches

The Water-Cooled Pro-Grip MAX TIG Welding Torch (TIG torches) Ergonomic Handle – the comfortable handle design replaces the standard barrel design offering improved grip and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury. Improved Grip – a finger location has been added to the base of the handle offering greater comfort at the bottom of the torch as well as the top. Integrated Ball Joint – improves flexibility and maneuverability. Also has the added benefit of protecting the cables from sharp bends and therefore extending the life of cables and hoses


Plasma torches designed with perfect balance and endless comfort, the Parweld Plasma range utilizes our Pro-Grip handle style. The contoured ergonomic handle allows a relaxed hold, while the low cable exit improves control. The precisely angled design offers a neutral wrist position for ultimate comfort.

Parweld Power Source

Parweld MMA power source Portable and Lightweight The XTS 143 (Power source) is lightweight and with the easy-to-carry strap, is easily portable, perfect for on the go maintenance applications. Electrodes up to 3.2mm can be used with ease.

TIG Welding Fit the optional TIG torch and pair it to a suitable gas supply and the XTS 143 can be used for simple scratch start TIG welding, suitable for welding steel and stainless steel (40A minimum). Generator Friendly The XTS 143 is able to cope with inputs that fluctuate by +/-15% and can be used with the majority of generators. The machine is housed in a rugged steel case. A carry case is available as an optional extra.

  • Gas Welding & Cutting
  • Welding Consumables
  • Abrasives
  • Safety
  • MMA

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