Quincy Compressor QGS Series

QGS is available with a 5-30 hp belt drive that comes with an assortment of standard premium features. These include a robust TEFC motor, a high-efficiency inlet filter, and an air-cooled aftercooler. The low oil carryover protects your tools and equipment from damage. Other features include upward package air discharge, WyeDelta Starting, and vibration isolation to ensure quiet operation.

The QGS comes filled with eight thousand hours’ worth of QuinSyn-Plus® lubricant to ensure all essential parts and components remain properly lubricated. You also get the benefit of five-year warranty protection for the motor, cooler, airend, and separator tank.

Quincy Compressor QGS Series Optional Features

If you choose a 5-15 hp rotary screw air compressor, you get access to a number of advanced optional features. These include a high-temperature refrigerated dryer, and a 100 and 150 psi conversion kit (recommended for 10-15 hp rotary screw air compressor models only). Options that are available with 20-30 hp models include a 120-gallon receiver tank with manual drain and 575/3/60 Hz electrics.

Highly Efficient Gearbox Drive-Train

The QGS is equipped with a 40-100 hp gearbox drive-train that is designed for peak efficiency, while also minimizing unproductive downtime due to worn, broken, or damaged belts. You’ll also get the advantage of less frequent belt replacement. It the energy-efficient and can be a big money-saver in terms of your energy costs.

Quincy Compressor QGS Series Easy Maintenance and Serviceability

Keeping your QGS in peak operating condition is an easy process. All consumable components are located behind one access panel, which offers the benefit of convenience and time savings. You can also monitor all fluid levels without having to remove any panels. The spin-on filter significantly speeds up and simplifies the preventive maintenance task. Best of all, the QGS provides lower overall maintenance costs than most comparable rotary screw air compressors on the market.

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