Regulator Harris 896DS-25 Heavy Duty 2 Tahap dengan Diafragma Stainless


The Harris Products Group was formed by combining two strong names in the gas apparatus business: Harris Calorific and JW Harris. The merger resulted from a series of acquisitions by The Lincoln Electric Company.

Harris Calorific is a manufacturer of gas welding and cutting equipment, industrial and specialty gas regulation equipment and gas distribution systems. J.W. Harris is a major producer of soldering, brazing and welding rings; it manufactures high quality alloys and specializes in phosphorus/ copper and phosphorus/ copper/ silver brazing alloys for the air-conditioning and refrigeration industries.

The result of this merger is a very powerful combination of customer service teams working together to provide best-in-class service to Harris customers.

The Harris products are manufactured by skilled craftsmen using state-of-art technology, with a focus on quality and product testing, to provide customers with the best and most reliable products: 100% tested, 100% of the time, for consistency and precision.

The Harris Products Group includes facilities in the United States, Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Brazil, giving the Company a broad global footprint. Today Harris is very proud to supply products and equipment of the highest quality to the global cutting, brazing, soldering and welding markets in over 95 different countries.


Especially useful when operating more than 1 torch from the same cylinder. The first stage reduces the inlet gas pressure to relatively constant levels. The second stage further reduces the gas pressure and delivers the gas to the work precisely at the set point pressure. Helps to provide flame stability as the pressure levels change.

Features large, brass, easy-to-read 2-1/4″ pressure gauges.  All regulators include a check valve. UL listed.

Oxygen Regulator is equipped with safety Surge Guard to prevent sudden overflow of oxygen into the regulator. Has 9/16″ outlet connection  with right hand thread. (Fuel Gas regulators have left hand thread.)


  • Forged brass body for maximum strength
  • Maximum inlet pressure of 230 bar
  • First stage reduces full cylinder pressure by approximately 90%
  • Large Ø 70 mm second stage diaphragm accurately controls delivery pressure
  • Durable chromed bonnet
  • Side entry (vertical optional)
  • B version fitted with black bonnet and black gauge case


  • Used where stable outlet pressure is required
  • Ideal for quality cutting applications, laboratory systems or precision machine
  • cutting. Also ideal for heavy machine cutting, hand cutting and gouging
  • Kind Of Gas
    • Argon
    • Carbon Dioxide
    • Compressed Air
    • Helium
    • Hydrogen
    • Methane
    • Nitrogen


Part Number 896DS-25
Tekanan Saluran Masuk (Maksimum) 230 bar (3335.87 psi)
Aliran Udara (Maksimum) 150 m³/h
Rentang Tekanan Angkut 0-25 bar (up to 362,59 psi)
Pengukur Tekanan Angkut 0-40 bar (up to 580,15 psi)
Pengukur Tekanan Suplai 0-315 bar (up to 4568,69 psi)
Tinggi 155 mm
Panjang 183 mm
Lebar 195 mm
Berat 2.4 kg
Tekanan 0-25 bar (up to 362,59 psi)
Cv 00.17

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