APG PT-500-P30 Pressure Transmitter for Dirty Liquids

APG PT-500-P30 Pressure Transmitter for Dirty Liquids is a rugged submersible pressure transmitter designed for tank liquid level measurement, water, and wastewater applications, and well depth measurement. Durability in submerged environments. The PT-500-P30 has a choice of patented removable, reusable or fixed, welded cage, and is designed for use in caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquid.

For caustic, turbulent, and dirty liquids. The PT-500 is the pinnacle of durability with a 316L SS, patented cage, and built-in lightning transience protection. The PT-500 is designed for reliability in waste water and other dirty or turbulent liquids. Its unique set of features puts it in a class of its own:

  • Built-in lightning transience protection
  • Class 1, Div. 1/Zone 0 certification
  • Choice of patented re-usable cage or fixed, welded cage
  • Field adjustable zero
  • Conduit mounting threads
  • Ingenious and compact vent tube filter cap
  • Single seal for highest safety factor

APG PT-500-P30 Pressure Transmitter Features

  • Simple to install
  • High precision, solid state signal: 4-20 mA
  • Exclusive, removable and reusable cage
  • 1/2” NPTM option on cable end for use with conduit
  • Durable transducer face
  • Intrinsically safe for Class I, Div 1/Zone 0 (4-20mA only)
  • Built-in lightning transient protection on every model
  • Single seal for highest safety protection factor

Calibration services

NIST Certificates and Re-Calibration

When you buy a PT-500 submersible pressure transducer, or any of our pressure sensors, request a NIST certificate for accuracy up to 0.1% full scale. We can do the same on your regular factory re-calibration, which we recommend doing annually. Have your submersible pressure transducer re-calibrated at our factory on a regular basis. This will ensure accurate and reliability performance for years.

APG PT-500-P30 Pressure Transmitter Specification

Range To 575 ft. (250 psi) deep
Accuracy B.F.S.L. ≤ 0.25% of span
1 year stability ≤ 0.25% of span
Temperature Compensation Range 32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)
Temperature Error (reference temp 70° F) Zero: ≤ 0.025% F.S./°F
Span: ≤ 0.025% F.S./°F
Lightning Transience Protection Built In, Protected against reverse polarity, surge per IEC 61000-4-5
External Power 10-28 VDC
Vented Urethane Cable Tensile Strength up to 200 lbs
Lightning Transience Protection Compliant with IEC 61000-4-5 Standards for electrical surges
CSA Intrinsically Safe 4-20mA
Class 1, Div. 1 Groups C & D
Single Seal
Outputs 4-20mA
RS-485 Modbus
0-5 VDC
Internet Connectivity Tank Cloud Compatible (Modbus version)
4-20mA version via RST-5003
Material 316L SS Sensor
Urethane Cable
Hytrel® Cable
PVC Cable
Cage Fixed/Welded
Patented Removable/Reusable (U.S. Patent No. 7,787,330)

Download Data Sheet: Submersible Pressure Transmitter For Dirty Liquids PT-500-P30

Ref: apgsensors.com

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