APG TLS Series Cable Suspended Float Switch

APG TLS Series Dual Point Cable Suspended Float Switches are dual-point switches that provide built-in hysteresis for better pump control. The switch operating levels are easily adjustable based on the cable weight location, and the floats are especially suited for use in waste water and sewage applications with low specific gravity.

Built-in hysteresis provides high and low level control. The TLS series cable switches are dual point switches with built in hysteresis to provide high and low level control that won’t wear out your pumps with frequent on/off cycles.

Built-in Hysteresis

With switch action at a high and a low level, the TLS provides level control that won’t wear out your pumps with frequent on/off cycles.

Wide Angle Action

The choose between 11″ – 39″, 13″ – 157″ or a 28° switching differential and adjustable cable weight of the TLS provide customizable High and Low level settings.

Versatile Applications

Polypropylene or ABS Resin housing, PVC jacketed cable, and up to 65 ft (20 m) of cable allow the TLS to go a lot of places other low-cost float switches can’t.

APG TLS Series Features

  • High or Low Level control
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Proven reliability in operation
  • Not sensitive to rotation • Cable weight


Control Differential TLS-6A/B: 11″-39″ (0.27 – 1m)
TLS-8A/B: 13″-157″ (0.33 – 4m)
TLS-6-B: 28° ± 2°
Voltage TLS-6A/B: Max. 300 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz
TLS-8A/B: Max. 300 VAC/VDC, 50/60 Hz
TLS-6-B: 125/250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Current Rating TLS-6A/B: Max. 0.5 AC/DC
TLS-8A/B: Max. 0.5 AC/DC
TLS-6-B: Max. 10A / 250 VAC
Switch Output NO or NC
Max. Liquid Temperature TLS-6A/B: -10° – 50°C (14° – 122°F)
TLS-8A/B: -10° – 50°C (14° – 122°F)
TLS-8A/B -T: -10° – 70°C (14° – 158°F)
TLS-6-B: 0° – 60° C (32° – 140°F)
Housing TLS-6A/B: Polypropylene with ABS Resin cap
TLS-8A/B: ABS Resin
TLS-6-B: Polypropylene
Cable TLS-6A/B: 2/c 0.5mm2 (~20 AWG)
TLS-8A/B: 2/c 0.75mm2 (~18 AWG)
TLS-6-B: 2/c 1.25mm2 (~16AWG)
All with PVC jacket
Cable Lengths 6m (20 ft.) Standard
Other lengths available: 12m (40 ft.), 18m (60 ft.)

Download Data Sheet: Dual Point Cable Suspended Float Switch TLS

Ref: apgsensors.com

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