Flocorp Tracer 1000 LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Flocorp Tracer 1000 LTT1 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter provides continuous level measurement and point level detection in liquids and solids, with analog and switching output. This innovative device has almost no installation restrictions – it can be mounted in small tanks, tall and narrow nozzles and it measures precisely even with difficult tank geometries or close to interfering structures.

Factory settings may be configured via the HART® Communication protocol. Tracer 1000 is ideal for various types of processing and storage applications and has an exceptional performance in liquids with low reflectivity such as oils and hydrocarbons.

Flocorp Tracer 1000 LTT1 Features and benefits

  • Revolutionary TDR Technology
  • Precise continuous level measurement and reliable point level detection combined in one device
  • Highly robust measurement due to 4-wire design and innovative signal analysis and disturbance signal suppression
  • Fully modular probe design – Simple to install
  • Features HART® Communication protocol
  • No Dead Band (for coaxial probe option)
  • Economically priced


Electrical Specifications
Output Functions The Tracer 1000 is an active, single ended, non-isolated, 3 or 4 wire analog output transmitter.
Analog Output (Active) Current output 4-20mA: The span between the lower range value [4mA] and the upper range value [20mA]
is equal to 0-100% of the continuous level measurement reading as a factory default. Output can be inverted.
Total Load Resistance < 500Ω: HART resistor approx. 250Ω
+ load resistance approx. 250Ω if the current output is connected to a device with an inner resistance of approx. 250Ω, then there is no additional external HART resistor necessary. In that case, the HART modem is connected in parallel to the current output wires.
Lower Range Value 4.0mA (span 0%)
Upper Range Span 20.0mA (span 100%)
Response Time 0.5s (default), 2s 5s (selectable)
Temperature Drift Less than .0078 in/ºF change in ambient
Switch Output DC Switch, PNP, Active, Max. Load 200 mA Current.
Supply Voltage 12-30VDC (reverse-polarity protected)
Current Consumption < 50mA at 24 VDC (no burden)
Start-Up Time < 6s
Cable Terminals Screwless, cage clamp terminal block for stranded and solid wires AWG 22-14.
Measurement Specifications
Accuracy ± 0.12” or 0.03% of measured distance, whichever is greatest
Repeatability < .08”
Resolution < .04”
Probe Type 316 SS Rod: 1/4” Dia. (Coated Rod; 3/8” Dia.) 316 SS Coaxial: 3/8” Dia.
Probe Length [L] Wire Cable: 1/2” Dia.
316 SS Rod: 2.41” – 120”
316 SS Coaxial: 0” – 120”
Wire Cable: 2.41” – 480”
(Length must be specified when ordering – The reference point is always the sealing surface of the connection thread – See dimensional drawings)
Top Dead Band 0” Coaxial Probe
2.41” Rod or Wire Probe
Measuring Range [M] Up to 780” depending on probe type
Switching Point [S] Freely positionable within the measuring range [M] Hysteresis can be set by defining seperate upper and lower thresholds; if those are set at the same position, the minimum hysteresis of .11” applies
Application Specifications
Dielectric Constant [ɛr] Wire & Cable Probe: Configurable Coaxial Probe: 0
Conductivity No restrictions
Density No restrictions
Standard Application Temp. F: -40º to 410º C: -40 to 150º
Optional Application Temp. F: -320º to 500º C: -195 to 260º
Ambient Temperature F: -13º to 176º C: -25º to 80º
Application Pressure -14.50 PSI to 580 PSI
Velocity of Level Change
Mechanical Specifications
Wetted Materials 1.4404 / 316L and PEEK, PTFE
Enclosure Material Aluminum alloy EN AC-AISi9Cu3 (DIN EN 1706), Epoxy Spray (~70µm)
Enclosure Rating Standard: NEMA 6 (IP68)
Explosion Proof Option: ATEX NEMA 7
1/2” NPT (2) or
Cable Glands/Screw Plugs Cable Glands (2) or
Connection Thread 1/2” NPT (1) & Cable Gland (1) or M20 x 1.5 (2) or
M20 X 1.5 (1) & Cable Gland (1)
3/4” NPT (US) or 3/4” G (Metric)
Weight (Less Probe) 1.99 lbs. (903.8 g)
Certification FM: Class I Groups A,B,C,D
Class II Groups E,F,G; Class III; Type 4X Class I, Div. I, AEx D IIC; IP66
Class I, Div. I, Ex d II C

Download Datasheet: Tracer 1000™ LTT1 (up to 65ft), Flocorp- Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Ref: Flo-corp.com

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