Bamo SNR 4 Level Controller

Bamo SNR 4 Level Controller rising in the tube (open at the bottom), make the pressure increasing inside the measuring tube. The pressure variation acts on a diaphragm that directly activates a contact. The level controller SNR 4, affords a dirt liquid as far as this one does not clog the measuring tube. Thresholds are adjustable.

NOTE: The inner atmosphere can diffuse through the diaphragm; It is necessary to renew the atmosphere (fresh air) every three months

Bamo SNR 4 Level Controller Features

  • PVC or stainless steel versions
  • Hydro-static level detection
  • Output: 1 contact
  • For liquids (chemically compatible)
  • Independent of conductivity, viscosity


Level control for open tanks or without pressure.

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Bamo SNR 4 Level Controller Specification

Measuring tube PVC, Ø 12 mm (length ≤ 1500 mm)
AISI 316 L, Ø 12 mm (length ≤ 1000 mm)
Housing head PBT – IP 65
Fitting PVC: BSP 1″
AISI 316 L: BSP 1/2” or 3/4”
Diaphragm FPM
Hysteresis 60 mm
Tolerance ±8 mm
Level switch Changeover contact
Repeatability ± 5 % trigger point distance
Min. ± 0.3 mbar
Contact lifetime 10⁶ cycles
(When switching gap is set within the limits)
Switching power 250 V / 1 A, restive load
Ambient temperature Max. 60 °C
Adjustment range From 100 to 750 mm (For liquid at SG = 1)

Download Data Sheet: Level Controller SNR 4