Bamo EL Level Limnimetric Scales

Bamo EL Level Limnimetric Scales on rulers, vertical or at 45° angle, are designed for use in rivers, lakes, lagoons, harbors, dams, channels, etc. Robustly constructed, our cast aluminum rulers resist to damages from highly charged water as well as from corrosive seawater.

The basic module with scale and figures is made in one piece with a total width of 15 cm. The ruler is delivered per element of 1 meter each, graduated in centimeters with values every decimeter. Each section has two slotted holes at each end which facilitate adjustment on site.

Bamo EL Level Limnimetric Scales Features

  • Metallic rulers for level indication in basins, rivers, harbors
  • Mounting: vertical, or 45° angle
  • Easy reading on a large scale
  • Resistant to corrosion, climate strengths, and seawater


  • Easy to install

Installation is simple with two slotted holes at both ends of each section.

  • Long lifetime

The ruler is made of a high-performance light alloy which guarantees a long service life compared to traditional rulers made of plastic or enameled sheet of metal.

  • Heavy-duty rulers

Each module with a graduated scale and figures is made of one piece. This design guarantees perfect resistance of the inscriptions even after extreme cold weather with ice on the ruler.

  • Modular

The sets are supplied in 1-meter sections allowing replacement of a section that has been damaged (by ships for instance).


Direct reading of level in dams, reservoirs, basins, rivers, etc. Highly resistant to corrosion, sea water and climate strengths

Bamo EL Level Limnimetric Scales Specification

Mounting Vertical or with a slope of 45° according the type
Material Cast aluminum
Width 15 cm (Other on request)
Thickness 7 mm (plate 5 mm + characters 2 mm)
Mass 2.5 kg/m
Scale Standard: graduated in cm and figures each dm
Other on request (customized)
Plastic coating paint Polyester-isocyanate
Colours Graduations & figures: black on yellow base

Download Data Sheet: Level Limnimetric Scales EL


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