Bamo FS4 Tank Top Level Indicator

Bamo FS4 Tank Top Level Indicator, a float at the bottom of a stem moves a pointer inside a transparent PVC tube, outside the tank. The reading is direct through the transparent tube.

Model FS4 Standard:

The standard model is designed for tanks. For the float, the guiding tube has an O.D. of 63 mm. The mounting is on the top of the tank, with a loose flange ND 65.

Model FS4 fût:

Model “Fût” is designed for drums and tanks of height less than 1000 mm. There is no guiding tube for the float; fitting is threaded. Reading tube comes with a graduated scale (one mark each 1 cm).

Each indicator is designed according the density of the liquid and height to monitor. Note: liquid surface is at 70 to 80% of float height.

Option: Level switch

The pointer with a built-in magnet allows actuation of level switches BSM 501 or BRK60/32

Bamo FS4 Tank Top Level Indicator Features

  • Direct reading
  • Materials PVC, PPH
  • Magnetic pointer for level switches
  • For tanks and drums


  • Level of clear chemicals or wasted liquids in opaque tanks, drums or underground tanks.
  • Direct control of pumps, valves, alarm signals, with the use of level switches.

Bamo FS4 Tank Top Level Indicator Specification

Wet parts:
Float PPH or PVC
Stem PPH or PVC
Guiding tube PPH or PVC
Temperature max. 60 °C ––> PVC
80 °C ––> PPH
Pressure max Atmospheric
FS4 Standard
Height max 3000 mm (Depending of SG of the liquid)
Fitting Loose flange: PVC or PPH
FS4 Fût
Height max 1000 mm (Depending of SG of the liquid)
Fitting BSP thread 2″ G; PPH
“Trisure” type 1 (Metric buttress thread); PPH
“Trisure” type 2 (Metric buttress thread); PPH

Download Data Sheet: Tank top level indicator FS4


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