Dinel CLM–70 Capacitive Level Meter


Dinel CLM–70 Capacitive Level Meters are compact measuring devices consisting of the level meter body and a measuring electrode. The level meter body contains measurement electronics and a display module. The electronics measure the electrical capacity of the electrode system, which depends on the level height.

The level meter’s electrical output corresponds to the capacity (level height) and the measured data are shown on the meter’s display. The level meter can be adjusted through a display and adjustment module positioned at the top of the sensor under the transparent lid.

The level meter has a 4–20 mA current output with HART® communication. The level meter is fed through a cable connected to the terminal block located under the display and adjustment module.

Level meters are available in several sensing electrode modifications (rod and rope-type electrodes). Electrodes may be coated with insulation, which is important for their functioning in the case of adherent, electrically conductive, and aggressive media. Rod electrodes are also available in a version provided with a reference tube or a pair of parallel electrodes for measuring liquids in non-conductive tanks.

Dinel CLM–70 Capacitive Level Meter Features:

  • A wide range of applications, direct installation in storage silos, hoppers, vessels, sumps, etc.
  • Variants with fully coated electrodes for aggressive or electrically conductive media.
  • Measured data in real-time on the display (OLED or LCD available).
  • Analog output 4 – 20 mA with digital two-way communication HART®.
  • Comparing with reflective level meters, CLM-70 measures along all the electrode in full range (no dead zones).
  • Contrary to radar level meters, also media with extremely low dielectric constants (εr) can be measured.
  • Possible copying the configuration between level meters using the display module.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply voltage  18 … 36 V DC
  • Output 4 … 20 mA (two-wire), HART®
  • Current output resolution 10 μA
  • Capacity range  0 to 3,000 pF
  • Resolution
    •  0.01 pF for capacities from 0 to 300 pF
    • 0.1 pF for capacities from 300 to 3,000 pF
  • Temperature error (for a temperature range from -30 to 70 °C)
    • <1 pF up to 100 pF
    • <1% of the measured value from 100 to 3,000 pF
  • Measuring frequency  100 to 800 kHz
  • Non-linearity (electronics) max. 1%
  • Damping (time constant) Adjustable 0 … 99 sec
  • Maximum slew rate  <1 sec (0 … 100%) ; for damping 0 sec
  • Current output error  max. 80 μA
  • Display/settings  display module
  • Protection class IP67
  • Maximal resistance of current output load  270 Ω / 180 Ω / 90 Ω 2)
    • Rmax for voltage – 24V DC / 22V DC / 20V DC
  • Maximum length of measuring electrodes see dimensional drawing
  • Ambient temperature range  -30 °C to +70 °C
  • Recommended cable PVC 2× 0.75 mm2 shielded
  • Cable gland tightening torque  3 Nm
  • Weight – without electrode approx.  0.5 kg (1 kg NT variant)


Reference: Dinel.cz

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