Dinel ULM–70 Ultrasonic Level Meter

Dinel ULM–70 Ultrasonic Level Meter are compact measurement devices including an electroacoustics converter, central processor unit, and display module. Using the electroacoustics converter, the level meters transmit the sequence of ultrasonic pulses that spread towards the surface level.

The converter recuperates reflected acoustic waves that are subsequently processed in the electronic module. The intelligent evaluation block filters out interfering signals compare to the cleaned received signal with the false reflection map (e.g. from mixers, ladders, reinforcement, etc.) and select a suitable reflection (echo).

Based on the period during which the individual pulses spread towards the surface level and back and based on the measured temperature in the tank, the instant distance to the surface level is calculated. According to the level height, the level meter output is set: current 4 -20 mA with HART® protocol or output RS-485 Modbus, and the measured value is displayed on the display.

The level meters are suited to level measurement of various liquid materials, sewerage waters, mash and paste materials, suspensions in closed or open vessels, sumps, reservoirs, and open channels. In case the level of bulk solids is measured, the measurement range is reduced. We recommend consulting the use with the manufacturer.

Dinel ULM–70 Ultrasonic Level Meter Features

  • Universal use, direct mounting into tanks, vessels, containers, sumps, etc.
  • Instant view of measured values on OLED or LCD.
  • Advanced signal processing with the elimination of false reflections.
  • Easy adjustment even without measured material.
  • Current or data output – 4 … 20 mA, HART®, RS-485 Modbus/RTU.
  • Xi version for usage in explosive areas.

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Dinel ULM–70 Specification

Measuring range ULM–70_–02 0.15 … 2 m
ULM–70_–06 0.25 … 6 m
ULM–70_–10 0.4 … 10 m
ULM–70_–20 0.5 … 20 m
Adjustable measuring range (SPAN) Min. 200 mm
Supply voltage ULM–70_– _ _ 18 … 36 V DC
ULM–70Xi–_ _ 18 … 30 V DC
Output ULM–70_–_ _–_–I 4 … 20 mA (Limit values 3.9 … 20.5 mA), HART®
ULM–70_–_ _–_–M RS-485 with protocol Modbus RTU
Current consumption ULM–70_–_ _-_-I 4 … 20 mA / Max. 22 mA
ULM–70_–_ _-_-M Max. 20 mA
Resolution ULM–70_–02; 06 < 1 mm
ULM–70_–10 < 2 mm
ULM–70_–20 < 2,5 mm
Accuracy (within the total range) 0,15%
Temperature error Max. 0,04% / K
Operating frequency ULM–70_–02 120 kHz
ULM–70_–06 75 kHz
ULM–70_–10 50 kHz
ULM–70_–20 30 kHz
Beamwidth (-3 dB) ULM–70_–02; 10 10°
ULM–70_–06 14°
ULM–70_–20 12°
Ambient temperature range ULM–70_–02; 06 -30 … +70°C
ULM–70_–10; 20 -30 … +60°C
Short-time temperature stress resistance  +90°C / 1 hod.
Max. operation overpressure (on transmission surface)  0,1 MPa
Sensitivity 3 stupně  (low – medium – high)
Damping 0 … 99 s
Measuring period 1 … 4 s
Rise time cca. 30 s
Additional technical data for Ex proof – Max. internal values Ui=30V DC; Ii=132mA; Pi=0,99W; Ci=370nF; Li=0,9mH
Failure indication (echo loss, level in dead zone 3), internal failure) Adjustable in modes: 3.75 mA ; 22 mA ; Last measured value
Protection class  IP67
Mechanical connection ULM–70_–02 Screwing with thread G 1”
ULM–70_–06 Screwing with thread G 1½”
ULM–70_–10 Screwing with thread G 2¼”
ULM–70_–20 Aluminium alloy flange
Recommended cable ULM–70_–_ _–_–I PVC 2 x 0,75 mm2
ULM–70_–_ _–_–M PVC 2 x 2 x 0,25 mm2 (twisted pair, shielded)
Maximal resistance of current output load U = 24 V DC Rmax = 270 Ω 2)
U = 22 V DC Rmax = 180 Ω
U = 20 V DC Rmax = 90 Ω
U = 19 V DC Rmax = 45 Ω
Weight ULM–70_–02 0.3 kg
ULM–70_–06 0.4 kg
ULM–70_–10 0.7 kg
ULM–70_–20 3.1 kg


Ref: Dinel.cz

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