Bamo Cable Suspended Resistive Level Probes

Bamo Cable Suspended Resistive Level Probes in open tank by electrodes, for instance acid storage tanks, barrage, waste water treatment plant, etc. The length of electrode cables is factory adjusted. The electrical resistance variation when the fluid touches the level electrode and the reference electrode, causes an ON/OFF signal through the relay ES 2001. Please consider that the longest electrode will serve as the system reference. A complete system with 5 electrodes will monitor a tank on 4 level detection points.

Bamo Cable Suspended Features

  • For electrically conductive liquids
  • Detection height up to 25 m
  • 2 types: for aggressive or neutral fluids


The insulated cables could touch each other without causing unlike detection signal; then long cables are possible.

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Probe type HE HS
End probe PE PVC
Cable Ø 6.5 mm PVC PVC, PE coated
Electrode material 1.4571 (316 Ti) Carbon-glass
Temperature limits 0…+ 60°C 0…+ 60°C
Pressure limit 0.5 bar 0.5 bar
Process connection PPH PVC
Head Housing PBT – IP 65 PBT – IP 65

Download Data Sheet: Cable Suspended Resistive Level Probes HE / HSRef:

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