Dinel HLM–25C Hydrostatic Level Meter

Dinel HLM–25C Hydrostatic Level Meter is a compact measuring device containing a ceramic geometric sensor and evaluation electronics in a stainless steel probe. The ceramic sensor is resistant to lightly soiled, or sludge water. From the probe, housing comes out 2-wire cable with capillary (for atmospheric pressure compensation).

The front side of the sensor is open, therefore the level meter is resistant to capture gross (solid) impurities. The level meter has no customer-accessible adjusting elements.

Dinel HLM–25C Hydrostatic Level Meter Features

  • For continuous level measurement of clean, lightly soiled, or sludge water in non-pressure reservoirs, boreholes, tanks, etc.
  • Precise customer choice of the measurement range up to 100 m (H2O)
  • The health certificate for contact with potable water available
  • Current or Voltage output
  • Easy “plug and play” installation without any settings

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Dinel HLM–25C Hydrostatic Level Meter Specifications

Supply voltage HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–I 12 … 34 V DC
HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U 12 … 34 V DC
Current output HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–I 4 … 20 mA
Voltage output HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U 0 … 10 V
Power consumption (off-load) HLM–25C–_ _ _ _–U Max. 8 mA
Pressure permissible overload 1,5x range
Basic error – accuracy (hysteresis, repeatability, non-linearity) 0,4% of range
Long-term stability 0,3 % / Year
Temperature error (for 0 … +50°C) Max. 0,04% / K
Compensated temperature range 0 … +50°C
Ambient temperature range (medium temperature) -20 … +70 °C
Maximal load resistance for current output (U = 24 V DC) Rmax= 600 Ω
Minimal load resistance for voltage output Rmin= 1 kΩ
Protection class IP68
Used materials Probe housing St. steel W.Nr. 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
Membrane Ceramic Al2O3 96%
Sealing O-rings FPM; EPDM
Cable isolation Plastic PE
Cable gland Silicon ELASTOSIL
Weight Sensor 180 g
Cable (1 m) 60 g

Download Catalog: Hydrostatic level meter HLM–25C

Ref; Dinel.cz