AW Lake HM High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter


AW Lake is a corporate from United States of America that sell some product such as Positive Displacement Meters, Turbine Flow Meter, Tricor Coriolis Flow Meter, Lake Variable Area Flow Meter, Lake Paddle Wheel Flow Meter “Flow Stat”, Monitor&Controllers. One of the product that comes from the categories of Turbine Flow Meters is High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter.

High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter HM Series

The AW Lake  HM series of turbine flow meter is ideal when measuring the flow of fluids under high pressure, such as in hydraulic testing. It is also perfect for chemical injection systems, as it withstands pressures up to 20,000 psi and is available in a variety of flow ranges (0.08 to 32 gallons/minute). Standard process connections are AutoClave®, but are also available in Grayloc® and Techlok®. A complete line of hazardous area approved sensors and displays are available as well.


  • Industry Standard: Standard end connections are AutoClave®, (also available in Grayloc® and Techlok®.)
  • High Pressure Suitable: The HM Series of turbine flow meters can handle low viscosity fluids flowing under extremely high pressures, such as hydraulic and fuel systems and offshore chemical injection systems.
  • Hazardous Area Approved Sensors: A complete line of hazardous area approved sensors and displays are available for the HM Series meters.
  • Durable & Cost-Effective:This meter’s rugged stainless steel construction provides a durable and economic flow metering solution to sanitary environments.
  • Explosion Proof (EX) Options Available


Measuring Accuracy: ± 1.0% of reading or better

Repeatability: ± 0.05%

Flow Measuring Range:

  • 08 to .4 GPM
  • 13 to 1.05 GPM
  • 2 to 1.6 GPM
  • 3 to 2.6 GPM
  • 5 to 5 GPM
  • 9 to 9 GPM
  • 1.6 to 16 GPM
  • 2.25 to 22.5 GPM
  • 3.2 to 32 GPM

Turn Down Ratio: 10:1

Maximum Operating Pressure: Working pressure up to 20,000 psi

Maximum Operating Temperature: Depends on sensor used, refer to sensor page

Filtration Requirement: 300 microns

End Connection: Medium pressure AutoClave®

Materials Of Construction:

  • Body: 316 Ti Stainless Steel
  • Rotor Support: 316 Ti Stainless Steel
  • Rotor: 329 Stainless Steel
  • Bearings/Shaft: Tungsten Carbide

Download Data Sheet: High Pressure Turbine Flow Meter


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