AW-Lake RT-30 Flow Rate Transmitter Ex & Non-Ex

General Information

AW-Lake RT-30 Flow Rate Transmitter is a digital flow transmitter housed in an epoxy painted aluminum instrument enclosure. The RT-30 digital flow transmitter graphical, backlighted LCD display makes it easy to monitor flow rate and total in user selectable engineering units.

The sensor used with the unit will mount on many meter models modified for use with the 3/8” NPT sensor mounting thread. Meter models available include the JVM, JVS, JVHS and ZHM gear meters. Screen selection and programming changes You can make program or mode changes, or reset the totalizer in two ways:

  • With the housing cover removed, enter information using the 4 push buttons.
  • With the housing cover closed, hold the attached magnet wand against the side of the cover to activate hall switches located on the internal circuit board.

AW-Lake RT-30 Flow Rate Transmitter Features:

  • Available in single and dual access models
  • Can be mounted directly on flow meter or in remote location
  • HART® communication protocol option for remote monitoring and programming


  • Options for Remote Indication The RT-30 has options for remote flow monitoring:
    • Frequency pulse output (standard)
    • 4-20mA, user scalable (standard)
    • HART communication protocol (optional)
  • Easy Field Programming: Flow rate or total can be easily programmed to display in choice of engineering units. To program the unit simply use the magnet that is attached. No opening of the enclosure is required.
  • Remote Mounting Available: The RT-30 can be mounted remotely when used in conjunction with any AW frequency output sensor.
  • Up and Running in Minutes: A quick setup procedure allows you to have the flow monitor working with just a few simple programming steps.
  • Flexiable Mounting: The RT-30 unit can be rotated 360° for optimal viewing from any angle. Options available to fit any AW Gear Meter or Turbine Meter.
  • Weather-Proof Enclosure: NEMA 4X enclosure provides environmental protection from moisture and debris.

AW-Lake RT-30 Flow Rate Transmitter Specification:

  • Power Requirement: 9-24 VDC / 200mA (customer supplied) Class 2
  • Analog Output:
    • 4-20mA
    • 3- or 2-wire plus separate supply
  • Max Load Impedance: 500 ohm
  • Frequency Output
  • Three Opto-Isolated Open- Collector Output:
    • Frequency or limit outputs
    • 5-30 VDC rating
    • 40 mA max (min. load impedance required 600 Ohm @ 30 VDC)
  • Built In 30 Point Linearizer
  • Temperature Rating: -20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
  • Sensor/Monitor Frequency Range: 0-4,500 Hz
  • Connection: 3/4” female NPT conduit provisions
  • One Opto-Isolated Input: 9-24 VDC remote reset
  • CSA Certification (US & CANADA):
    • Class I, Div. I, Groups C, D
    • Class II, Div. I, Groups E, F, G
    • Class III
  • ATEX Certification:
    • II 2 G, Ex d IIB+H2 T5 Gb,
    • Ta = -40°C to +60°C
  • IECEX Certification:
    • Ex d IIB+H2 T5 Gb
    • Ta = -40°C to +60°C

Download Data Sheet: Flow Rate Transmitter-Ex & Non-Ex RT-30 Series


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