AW Lake Variable Area Flow Meter


AW Lake Variable Area Flow Meter, often referred to as “rotameters,” measure flow rate of a liquid or gas by relating linear displacement of an internal “float” or sharp-edged orifice plate (Lake) to a corresponding flow rate. As flow rate increases, the orifice area that the flow moves through also increases – thus, the term “Variable Area.” Variable Area meters either allow flow through a peripheral orifice formed between a tapered wall and a float as in the traditional rotameter, or an annular orifice and an internal tapered metering pin in the Lake Monitor.

The attributes of the Lake Variable Area flow meter are a linear relationship between flow rate, pressure differential and piston displacement. Flow rate is read on Variable Area meters by aligning the position of the piston/float to an adjacent calibrated scale.

AW Lake Variable Area Flow Meter

  • Basic Variable Area Flow Meter: deal for monitoring pump performance as well as measuring fluids in hydraulic circuits and cooling systems.
  • BI-Directional Flow Meter: ideal for monitoring pump performance as well as measuring fluids in hydraulic circuits and cooling systems where flow is measured in both directions.
  • Case Drain Flow Meter: low cost alternative for monitoring pump performance and identifying required maintenance.
  • Clearview Flow Meter: economical way to monitor water flows, observe case drain flows and verify pump outputs.
  • Flow Rate Alarm: Flow Rate Alarm ensures sufficient flows of coolants and lubricants in mobile hydraulic equipment and industrial process control. Field adjustable alarm setting available in single or duel switch.
  • Flow Rate Transmitter: ideal for batching, industrial process control, mobile hydraulic equipment and computer / PLC controlled hydraulic system monitoring application. Available in analog or pulse outputs.
  • High Temperature Flow Meter:  enables flow monitoring of barrel heating fluids, thermal transfer fluids such as Syltherm® coolant flows, hydraulic circuits and sub-circuits.
  • Hydraulic Test Analyzer: used to diagnose faults in hydraulic circuits, determine horsepower and test for component wear and cylinder leakages. Two options are available: K Series (flow and pressure) and T Series (flow, pressure and temperature).
  • Phospate Ester Flow Meter: compatible with aviation lubricants such as Skydrol®, and fire-retardant fluids such as Pydraul®, Fyrquil® and Houghton 900 series. Meters are density corrected to 1.145 sg.
  • Pneumatic Flow Meter: ideal for monitoring air compressor efficiencies, pneumatic tool air consumption and industrial gas flows.
  • WTA Series Hydraulic Analyzer: simple compact design allows for simultaneous measurement of flow, pressure and temperature on Mobile Industrial & Agricultural industries.

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