Ryuki FLO-PL series Variable Area Flow Meter

A high-precision area-type flow meter that can directly read the instantaneous flow rate of various liquids and gases from the scale on the glass tube indicated by the float.

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Measuring fluid Liquid (water, cooling water, transparent liquid)
Gas (air, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, etc.)
Scale range 10: 1
Flow rate Liquid 7 ~ 70L / min
Gas 90-900NL / min
Body material Brass (BS), SUS304, SS, etc.
Tapered tube material Hard glass
Float material Liquid SUS304 SUS316
Gaseous aluminum
Packing NBR, CR (neoprene), Viton
Connection method Rc connection
Port size Refer to the measurement range table
Flow rate accuracy Within ± 2% FS
Mounting direction Vertical direction
Flow direction Please specify by model code
Maximum working pressure 0.7MPa
Maximum operating temperature 80 ℃ (Varies depending on the material)
Thermal shock 50 ℃ or less
External dimensions Refer to the measurement range table


  • FLO-PL1 : Flow direction can be selected
  • FLO-PL2 : Flow direction: Bottom⇒Top
  • FLO-PL3 : Flow direction: Side bottom⇒Side top
  • FLO-PL4 : Flow direction: Back bottom⇒Back top
  • FLO-PL4 with valve : Flow direction: Back bottom⇒Back top
  • FLO-PL9 : Existing (previous) model: FLO-PL-4S
  • FLO-L65
  • FLO-L68

Data Sheet : Ryuki FLO-PL Series Variable area Flow Meter

Reference: http://www.ryuki.jp