Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter


Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter UFP-20 Now Comes, Versatility ! Functionality ! Reliability !
The Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UFP-20, based on the same, ergonomically advanced design so popular in the UFP-10, features significant size reduction. The result is a portable ultrasonic flowmeter that meets next-generation standards.The UFP-20’s single-handed portability means difficult and challenging jobs located in narrow or high places can now be performed safely and easily.


Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flow meter offers a more compact design with additional functions such as pipe thickness measurement and liquid ultrasonic velocity measurement. The UFP-20 is a high performance flowmeter which is simple to use.

The time it takes to propagate ultrasonic pulses in a liquid varies according to flow velocity. This principle is utilized by ultrasonic flowmeters which provide signal output proportional to the flow rate. The UFP-20 portable flow meter can measure flow by simply positioning the transducers on the outside of pipes.

The UFP-20 incorporates an onboard DSP which carries out such functions as flow calculation and data processing in metric or inch units.  The Flow Meter Ultrasonic  UFP-20 can be applied to pipe diameters from 13 ~ 5000 mm and is ideal for use with liquids such as clean water and wastewater. Three power sources (Ni-MH battery, AC, DC supply) allow flexibility to match conditions of the site and optional equipment such as optional transducers, extension cable and temperature input for heat  meter function enhance the range of applications.

Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter Features

  • Multi-Flow Measurement Function
    • UFP-20 is able to easy configure for 2-Channel or 2-Path measurement.
  • Energy Meter Function
    • UFP-20 can measure energy flow rate with Pt-100 RTD option.
  • Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
    • UFP-20 can
  • Weather-proof structure IP65
    • IP65 rating maintained even during measurement.
  • USB Memory Data Transfer
    • Logged data and site conditions can be stored into internal memory.

The flowmeter includes a thickness measurement function and can effectively measure the sound velocity of fluids. Measurement data can be printed, logged or transferred to a computer which can assist data collection and analysis.

  • Light Weight – 1.4 kg
  • Wide Display and Easy Operation
  • Pipe Range : 13 – 5000 mm
  • Transducer can use : -20 – +120C degree
  • Weather-proof structure : IP65



This Ultrasonic Flowmeter consists of the following primary components. Figure 1.1-1 to 1.1-4 shows the interrelationship among the different parts

General Specifications


  • Applicable { Fluid ) :  Homogeneous and sonically conductive fluids  (water, waste water, industrial water sea water, pure water, oil, ethylene glycol-water solution etc)
  • Range Converted to flow velocity: -30 m/s ~ +30 m/s
  • Method  : Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method

Pipe & Flow Condition

  • Diameter DN13mm ~ DN 5000mm
  • Material  : Materials which allow stable transit of ultrasonic waves such as steel, SUS, castings, ductile casting, PVC, FRPM, etc. (Note: Applicable diameters may vary with material.)
  • Turbidity 10000 mg/L or less. ( Note) The air bubble must not be contained.
  • Lining None, tar epoxy, mortar, etc.  Note) The lining must be stucked to the pipe.
  • Flow Condition Fully developed and rotationally symmetrical flow profile required.

Transducer Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Small Transducer : Pipe Diameter :  DN 13 ~ 50 mm , Temperature : -20 ~ 120 °C
  • Midium Transducer : Pipe Diameter  DN 65 ~ 500 mm Temperature : (*1) -20 ~ 120 °C
  • Large Transducer  : Pipe Diameter  DN 300 ~ 5000 , Temperature  mm -20 ~ 80 °C

Download Data Sheet : Tokyo Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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