Kobold PEL-L Turbine Wheel Low Volume Flow Meter


Kobold PEL-L Turbine Wheel-Low Volume measure the entire volumetric flow that passes through the instrument. A nozzle guides the flow to the impeller. The resulting turbine rotation is proportional to the flow rate. A small sensing coil signals the approach of the ferrite inserts contained in the impeller. An output signal with constant current is then produced by the electronics.

The model PEL flowmeter works on the turbine wheel principle. The heart of this device is a Pelton turbine supported by sapphire bearings. The Pelton turbine is an impeller with ferrite inserts embedded in the blade tips. When this turbine is brought into rotary motion, the motion is recorded by a coil mounted nearby; the resulting electrical impulses are passed to a control unit for further processing.

Other critical media such as toluene and vinyl chloride can be measured in hazardous environments. Sensors made of less expensive materials are used for less sophisticated conditions.

Kobold PEL-L Specifications

Standard pulse output (Code F)

  • Power supply: 8-28 VDC
  • Signal: NPN
Model Version
…LMX… …S34…
Process connection R½ male thread R¼ female thread
Housing VA VA
Electronic housing VA/Alu VA/Alu
Turbine ring VA VA
Rotating vane PFA PFA
Rotating vane bearings Sapphire Sapphire
Rotating vane axle VA/Sapphire VA/Sapphire
pmax 100 bar (L000 & L001:30 bar) 345 bar
tmax 100°C 135°C

Download Datasheet: Kobold PEL-L Turbine Wheel-Low Volume

Reference: kobold.com

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