Bamo EasyTREK Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Bamo EasyTREK Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is a high performance ultrasonic transmitter with integrated electronics into the housing. Positioned above the surface of the liquid to measure, the transmitter provides a signal proportional to the liquid level.

The sensor is set up via the HART protocol. For multiple tank applications, EasyTREK may be operated via ancillary control systems compatible with this protocol HART 7 (examples: multichannel MultiCONT or PC or PLC). The MULTICONT can manage up to 15 transmitters EasyTREK. Data transmission is then possible through the RS485 interface of display unit.

Bamo EasyTREK Setting Features with HART Modem:

  • Range scaling (4-20 mA and default error current)
  • Measurement settings (Unit, function, echo(es)
  • Measuring sequence optimization (delay, speed …)
  • Choice between 14 shapes of tanks and containers
  • Choice between 21 types of open channels
  • Linearization through 32 points
  • Information and diagnostics on signal status


  • Height range 0.15 to 18 m, for liquids
  • Non-contact level measurement
  • HART® 7 protocol
  • Output signal 4-20 mA
  • IP 68 (allows accidental immersion)


The EasyTREK allows continuous measurement of a liquid level (storage tanks, Venturi channels, weirs, sewage pumping stations, storm receivers, etc.).

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Bamo EasyTREK Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Specification

Housing PP or PVDF (Option: PP/PTFE)
Liquid temperature -30 … +90 °C
Ambient temperature -30 … +80 °C
Pressure -0.5 … 2 barg
Protection IP 68
Accuracy ± (0.1 % of measurement + 0.025 % of range scale)
Within optimal operating conditions and stabilized
temperature of the transmitter.
Resolution According the measured height:
< 2 m: 1 mm; 2…5 m: 2 mm; 5…10 m: 5 mm; >10 m: 10 mm
Full beam angle 5° to 7° according the model
Power supply 11 … 36 V DC
Output signal Analogue 4-20 mA
Relay (option) 1 contact, change-over; 30 V DC, 1 A DC
Set up Through protocol HART® 7
Electrical protection Classe III
Output cable Type LiYCY, Ø 6 mm, shielded, 2 x 0,5 mm²
Standard: 5 m long (on request up to 30 m)
ATEX version On request

Download Data Sheet: Ultrasonic Level Transmitter EasyTREK