Bamo Nivostop® Mezzo Float Level Regulator

Bamo Nivostop® Mezzo Float Level Regulator are designed for level regulation of liquids between two levels. A large differential between trigger points allows automation of a pump with only one regulator. With the large differential, switches on and off are smooth for the pump or the automation devices.

The differential between low and high levels depends on the distance between the float and the attachment point of the cable. When NIVOSTOP® MEZZO is used with an adjustable counterweight along the cable, it is the distance between the counterweight and the float that determines the differential.

Caution: The regulator must float on the varying surface of the liquid

Bamo Nivostop® Mezzo Float Level Regulator Features

  • Regulation between two trigger points
  • Change-over micro-switch
  • High switching power
  • Switching angle 120°
  • Cable lengths: 5, 10 and 20 m


Level regulation between two points for drain or fill function:

  • Clear water, clean water, rainwater
  • Liquids slightly aggressive (oils, sludge, paints)

Bamo Nivostop® Mezzo Specification

Operation Multidirectional
Pressure max. Atmospheric
Protection IP 67
Temperature max. +40°C
S.G. limits 0.95 … 1.10
Switching angle 120°
Switch type Change-over microswitch
Switching power 16(6)A/250V
Cable PBS; O.D. 9 mm; 3 x 1 mm²
Body PP
Ø 85 mm; height 125 mm
Counterweight 0.230 kg
Cable lengths 10, 15 or 20 m

Download Data Sheet: Float Level Regulator NIVOSTOP® – MEZZO


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