Dinel DLM–35 Capacitive Level Meter

Dinel DLM–35 Capacitive Level Meter are intended for continuous level measurement of liquid and bulk solids in tanks, vessels, sumps or silos, hoppers, etc. They are comprised of a housing with an electronic module and measuring electrodes. The electronic part converts the size of the capacity to the current signal (4 … 20 mA) or voltage signal (0 … 10 V).

Level meters are made in several modifications of measuring electrodes (rod and rope). The electrodes can be covered by an insulating coating in case level measurement of adhesive, aggressive, or electrically conductive media. Rod electrodes are also available in a version with reference (coaxial) tube for level measurement of liquids in tanks made from a non-conductive material.

Level meters are produced in the following performances: N – for non-explosive areas, NT – high temperature for non-explosive areas, Xi – Explosion-proof – intrinsically safe for hazardous (explosive) areas and XiM – Explosion-proof – intrinsically safe for use in mines with methane or flammable dust presence danger (see technical specifications). There are high-temperature performance NT, XiT, XiMT available. DLM are offered in variants with various types of process connection (metric and pipe thread, pressure thread NPT).

Dinel DLM–35 Capacitive Level Meter Benefit

  • Direct mounting into containers, vessels, basins, reservoirs, etc.
  • Possibility of linear measurements even in non-conductive and differently shaped containers
  • Simple sensitivity setting by means of magnetic pen
  • LED state and function indication
  • Wide choice of electric connection via connectors, cable glands or protective conductor
  • The material of housing and rod electrodes from stainless steel
  • Xi, XiT versions for usage in explosive areas, or XiM, XiMT versions for mining environments with a risk of hazard by methane or coal dust

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Dinel DLM–35 Capacitive Level Meter Specifications

Supply voltage DLM – 35N(T)–_ _–_–I 9 … 34 V DC
DLM – 35N(T)–_ _–_–U 12 … 34 V DC
Current output 4 … 20 mA (2-wire)
Voltage output 0 … 10 V (3-wire)
Power consumption DLM–35_–_ _–_–I 3.75 … 20.5 mA
DLM–35_–_ _–_–U 5 mA (voltage output open circuit)
Non-linearity max. 1 %
Temperature error max. 0.05% / K
Voltage error for current and voltage output max. 0.3 μA/V and 0.1 mV/V
Leakage resistance (electrode – housing) / dialectic strength 1 MΩ / 200 V DC
Coupling capacity (housing – power) / dielectric strength  50 nF / 350 V AC
Coupling capacity (electrode – power) / dielectric strength  47 nF / 350 V AC
Ambient temperature range:  – 40 … + 85 °C
Protection type DLM-35_-_ _-C-_-_ IP67
type DLM-35_-_ _-A(B,V,H)-_-_ IP68
Maximum load resistance for current output (at U = 24 V) Rmax= 700 Ω
Weight (excluding electrode and cable) performance N approx. 0.3 kg
performance NT approx. 0.6 kg
Cable (version with cable glands) PVC 2 x 0.75 mm2 or
3 x 0.5 mm2 (according to variant)

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