Bamo BAMONIV TPS Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Bamo BAMONIV TPS Hydrostatic Level Transmitter is designed for hydrostatic level measurement in aggressive media that is clear or slightly contaminated. Wet parts are of PVDF or PP, the seal of FPM and the cable of FEP. It measures the level according to the principle of hydrostatic pressure measurement. The probe is suspended with its cable, down to the tank bottom. The probe is in immersion in the liquid and delivers a 4-20 mA signal proportional to the immersion depth.

Bamo BAMONIV TPS Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Features

  • Level measurement of aggressive liquids
  • Measuring cell: ceramic (99.9 %)
  • Accuracy: 0.35 % (option: 0.25 %)
  • Measuring ranges up to 50 m Water Column
  • Body: PVDF or PP


  • Chemical industry
  • Electroplating plants
  • Waste water plants
  • Neutralization process

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Bamo BAMONIV TPS Hydrostatic Level Transmitter Specification

Power supply 9…32VDC
Output signal 4 … 20 mA; 2-wire
Current limit 21 mA max.
Load limit Rmax. = 450 Ω
Electrical protections Against reversed polarity, short circuit
Accuracy < ± 0.35 % F.S. – According IEC 60770
Temperature limits -25 … 100 °C (depends of configuration)
Temperature compensation 0 … +70 °C
Temperature incidence <±0.1%FS/10K
Response time ≤ 0.2 s
Measuring cell Ceramic AI₂O₃ 99.9 %
Measuring ranges From 0…1 up to 0…50 m water column
(See the table” Codes and references”)
Body PVDF or PP
Seal FPM (EPDM on request)
Cable FEP (standard; Limits: -25 … 70 °C
PUR; Limits: -25 … 70 °C
TPE; Limits: -25 … 100 °C
Protection IP 68

Download Data Sheet: Hydrostatic Level Transmitter BAMONIV TPS